Thursday, August 27, 2015

Memorial for a Friend

It's been a difficult week, friends.  One of my favorite people passed away and her burial and funeral were yesterday.

The woman who died was not related to me, but I've known her almost all of my life.  Her son is my best and longest friend and I love him and his family more than any other (except my own).

I was fine yesterday and barely cried at all, but today I had lunch with a friend and we were supposed to be talking about Community Partners of Dallas, but I just found myself talking about yesterday.

I need to let it go, so you guys get to hear a little about this wonderful woman who has now gone to be with the Lord.  A few of my favorite things I learned from her:

  • You need something Asian in every room.
  • You need something red in every room.
  • If you like something, buy it.
  • Always carry cash with you in order to make a good deal with an antiques dealer.

Those are all great, practical advice things that I fully embrace, but here are my favorite things ever and the things that have me in tears as I write:

Once when we were at a big family event at her home for Thanksgiving, I remarked on how beautiful all of her family members were and didn't she feel proud of how gorgeous they all were, etc.  And let me tell you, we were surrounded by several generations of her truly gorgeous offspring.  This is what she said back to me:

It is what is on their insides that make them beautiful.

The other image that I have never forgotten is one concerning she and her dear husband (another one of my favorite people ever -- he passed about 7 years ago) who met while she was in high school and he was in college.  They had a really wonderful love that is really rare.  Anyway, she once told me that they often awoke in the morning holding hands in their sleep.

What a woman and what a legacy she left.  I'm a better me for having known her.


  1. Paige... she sounds like she was a wonderful woman. You were lucky to be in her life, and she in yours. My condolences.

  2. Thinking of you, Paige! What a lovely tribute. Hope you draw peace from knowing she and her adoring husband are together now in Heaven. Hugs!