Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Uniforms for all!

Have you ever worn a uniform?  

I haven't -- except at Camp Longhorn and at gym -- and I sucked at gym.  I went to public school, and back then public schools didn't require uniforms.

NOTE:  I'm so old that when I started working in the mid-1980's ladies couldn't wear pants to work.  I'm sitting at my desk now in pants and a top, but could easily be in blue jeans and a t-shirt, but I have a meeting at a donor's office in an hour.  My, how things have changed!

Anyway, now uniforms are worn by students in public and private schools.  At Community Partners of Dallas, we provide uniforms for abused and neglected kids in Dallas County to be able to start school with dignity.  If that child has an open CPS case and is living in their own home or with a relative, our donors make sure that that child has a fresh new uniform to go back to school and fit in with the other children.  A uniform is an equalizer for our kiddos who often feel like they don't measure up. 

Adults sometimes wear uniforms too...  Servers at restaurants, grocery stores, mail carriers.  Airline personnel, pest control employees.  Police officers, firefighters, and the military.

Are you the type of person who will pay for a police or firefighter's meal if you see them in their uniform?  Buy their sack of groceries at the store?  Buy a service person a beer at a bar or a coffee in the line at Starbucks?  I am.  Half the time when I ask the server to put their bill on my credit card, they say someone else has already provided payment!

NOTE:  I always like to do this anonymously and ask the server not to tell the officer that I'm the one who paid.  It makes it a real feel-good moment for me!

I think it happens all the time and it should.  I know some restaurants comp the meals for service persons and those restaurants should be celebrated and patronized by all of us. 


It doesn't ever happen for a group I believe deserves the comped meal just as much -- CPS caseworkers.  The caseworkers of CPS walk amongst us, having dinner or lunch, buying groceries for their families, and are not wearing a uniform.  We don't recognize who they are and what they do.  

They save children's lives.  They help families through crises and find safe homes for children.  They make sure kids are safe -- sometimes risking their own lives to do so.  They leave their own children at home with family and sit all night in a hospital room with a child on life support.  They drive miles and miles in their own cars with kids in car seats who are screaming and vomiting.

I wish I could give them a uniform so you could spot them and buy their lunch or a cup of coffee.  I know you'd do it if you could.

P.S.  If you are so inclined, we have lots of opportunities to feed and nurture CPS caseworkers.  Visit

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Four Favorite Things I Love Right Now -- Part 25

It has been some time since I wrote a Four Faves post -- see the most recent one here: -- but the people who read this blog before (literally 3 of you), have asked me to do this again.  Your wish is my command, loyal readers!

Four Faves, reboot style:

1.  I've probably admitted my addiction before, but Garrett's Cheese Popcorn is my kryptonite.  I'm drawn to it like a bee to a flower, like a fly to honey, like e coli to raw room temperature shrimp.  I get their emails and usually, I delete without reading because it's dangerous, but about two weeks ago they had a special on for National Cheese Day and I couldn't resist.  I ordered one can of cheese and one can of Garrett's mix (caramel and cheese mixed) and, well, you can see what happened within a week.  The cheese is long gone and the mix is hidden in my closet to leave the premises soon.  A pox on you, Garrett's!

2.  I watch a lot of reality TV and am an expert in all things Bravo.  Note photo of me with the Bravo guru Andy Cohen and my niece at this year's Chick Lit Luncheon benefitting Community Partners of Dallas.  Such a nice guy!

But my current addiction is 90 Day Fiance on TLC.  I have a friend who also watches and some nights we are keeping the texts ON FIRE as we comment back and forth.  And the franchise doesn't stop there -- They now have a show called Pillow Talk where former and current cast members lie in bed and comment on the evening's episode.  It is hilarious.  Well worth several hours of your time a week -- and yes, you read me right, SEVERAL HOURS...

3.  I ordered this Jin Soon Nail Polish on Amazon after seeing a recommendation somewhere.  I do my own fingernails and am always trying to find one that stays on better.  Light colored nail polish is my favorite (because I can't see the chips and imperfections as much), so I ordered away and hoped the polish would look good.  It does and the best part is it dries SUPER quickly.  I do the bottom coat, 2 coats of color, and a top coat, and I'm not kidding, it seems to be pretty dry in about 10 minutes.  My old polish (Chanel, Essie or OPI) would crease even after hours of drying.  This stuff is a winner!

4.  Traders Joe's Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend is the BOMB.  I was late to the game, but my friend Cynthia told me about using it on avocado toast and it is a revelation.  I've tried it on baked potatoes, mac and cheese -- it would be good on anything.  Don't walk, run to the store and make yourself avocado toast and put an over easy egg atop it tomorrow.  Sprinkle away.  YUM.

What are your faves?

P.S.  I do not know why I cannot get these photos to right themselves.  Enjoy the neck stretch...

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Who Replaced The Toilet Paper?

The title of this post isn't quite right, because what I really want to say is:

Why am I the ONLY one who ever replaces the toilet paper?

In fact, "say" isn't the right word, because I really want to shout it!

Like most of us, we are totally used to changing the rolls at home and even for those of us who live with others, you probably have a system of how the rolls get changed -- even if you have to shout at your family to do it -- or you may have just resigned yourself to doing it over and over again.

But (ha!) at work, I'm at a loss.  I feel like I'm the TP Queen.  Seems like almost every time I enter a stall, I need to replace the roll(s) -- and you better look first, people, or beware!  We do not have extra rolls in the stalls...

Part of the problem is the brand-spankin' (ha!)-newness of our building at Community Partners of Dallas.  We have new, modern fixtures, and there is NO STORAGE in the bathrooms; plus, the TP holders are kind of a pain.  There is a key to open them and it's difficult to figure out how to do it.

NOTE:  I did put my foot down when we decided upon the toilets -- I want to flush the commode my self -- no automatic flushers here, as well as at the sinks.  I absolutely hate the automatic ones.  How many times at the NorthPark AMC Movie Theater have you had to shuffle to the next sink to finish washing your hands after waving frantically to no avail?  And don't get me started on the yucky toilets that don't flush or flush while you are using them!  Horrors!

But (ha!), then again, if it's not my job to change the rolls, whose is it?  No one at CPD has it in their job description and while we do have a janitor service 3 times a week (God bless them), someone has to do it.  It can be me.

P.S.  I do know that I am not the only employee who does this, in fact, I bet all of us do it.  I'm lucky to work with a bunch of great people who know it takes a village to paper the pots!