Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Is Email Dead?

I often answer my own questions on this blog and that is not changing today.

Is email dead?

It's in middle age.

I never thought I'd do it, but I have started keeping almost all of my phone numbers in my iPhone. Yes, I still have a Rolodex on my desk, but I almost never use it -- instead I use my iPhone and the internet to look up numbers almost exclusively.

NOTE:  The Rolodex was my first one from my first "real" job in Washington, DC, so I've had it about 25 years.  When I left the government, the HR person told me I could take it with me.

NOTE to NOTE:  Yes, your tax dollars paid for my Rolodex.

Kids, you may never have seen one of these before.  Is it antique yet?

Now, back to email...

My nieces almost never use their email.  We certainly still use it at Community Partners of Dallas. We send messages to people all the time, both internally and externally.  It is an easy way to send out messages to your tribe, both to inform and to delight.  But, I think FaceBook and Instagram and other social media platforms do it better -- and we are all so visually focused now that even I end up posting photos most of the time and I feel like I'm more of a writer than a photographer.

Loretta Lynn said that in order to become famous, great, etc., that you had to be one of these:

  1. Best
  2. First
  3. Different

Email was once all of these, but if you're like me, you may be wondering what comes next.

I'll have to ask my nieces.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love Stinks

Valentine's Day is not really my thing.

While I enjoy the cuteness of it, my life pretty much goes on as usual.  I used to make Joe take me out -- I'd call him, plan the night, and make him pay for dinner (natch), etc. -- but now I normally just let it pass.

NOTE:  My brother usually does come through with some flowers for me.  All the sisters in the world are jealous, I know!

Yesterday, the staff at Community Partners of Dallas held our monthly "Terrific Tuesday" event for CPS caseworkers.  Our Terrific Tuesdays give CPS staff members a quick 30 minute respite from their grueling work to do something mindless and fun.  The Program staff here at CPD is in charge of these meetings and they do a great job. Normally I am not crafty, but yesterday I went over to say hi to the caseworkers and ended up actually doing the craft -- photos below.

NOTE:  Wasn't it nice of me to put my decorations in the lobby at CPD so everyone could enjoy them?  I'm sweet like that.

NOTE to NOTE:  My co-worker Allie was our instructor for these crafts and didn't they turn out great?

Valentine's Day is also a good time to eat.  There are fantastic cookies at the office made by staff members and volunteers and my friend Holly made homemade popovers the other day with strawberry butter.  Holly gave it to me in a darling bag with a valentine card.  Glad I'm her valentine for sure!

While Valentine's Day is pretty much just another day for me, it is a day of horror for so many children in Dallas County.

Another day Angel will be beaten.  Another day Claudette will be left alone in a locked room for hours.  Another day Peter will barely escape death.

In the time it will take for you eat your valentine meal with your special someone, another child in our community will be confirmed as abused and neglected.  And all they want for Valentine's Day is someone who loves them.

Good Lord, I'm lucky in love.