Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Four Favorite Things I Love Right Now! Part 22

Yes, it's that time again -- a Four Faves Post!  I've been writing these posts for a long time now, but damn if there isn't always something wonderful to pass along to you guys.  If you're new to my blog, be sure to check out the previous faves by clicking here: 

It is helpful if you live in the Dallas area for some of my favorites.  It is not so helpful if you live in the Dallas area today, as it is going to be a sunny 104 degrees in Big D.  I know people from other parts of the USA and the world don't understand why we live here with this heat.

One answer.  It's the best.  And we have air conditioning everywhere.

Alright, now on to the Four Favorites!

  1. This will be shocking to some of you, but I actually do my own fingernails.  I do get a monthly pedicure and love it -- shout out to the gals at the Lovers Lane Barber Shop -- but my fingernails just need more attention and I can't spend the time once a week letting someone else do them.  Plus, I get really mad when they chip, so I'd rather get mad at myself.  Anyway, the best thing I've ever found to keep the polish on is this Nailtiques Nail Protein polish.  I use it as a base coat and a top coat.  Also, another tip -- buy the little small bottle if you can.  It gets old and the little bottles get used up more quickly.
  2. I haven't even finished this book, but it is a must-read if you like a really good fast-moving story and characters.  It's been all I can do to come to work this week, as I just want to stay home and finish Station Eleven, but I love it so much I'm spacing it out to extend the enjoyment! It was recommended by my friend Jenny, who is my go-to person for book recs.  Here's what says:  A flight from Russia lands in middle America, its passengers carrying a virus that explodes “like a neutron bomb over the surface of the earth.” In a blink, the world as we know it collapses. “No more ballgames played under floodlights,” Emily St. John Mandel writes in this smart and sober homage to life’s smaller pleasures, brutally erased by an apocalypse. “No more trains running under the surface of cities ... No more cities ... No more Internet ... No more avatars.” Survivors become scavengers, roaming the ravaged landscape or clustering in pocket settlements, some of them welcoming, some dangerous. What’s touching about the world of Station Eleven is its ode to what survived, in particular the music and plays performed for wasteland communities by a roving Shakespeare troupe, the Traveling Symphony, whose members form a wounded family of sorts. The story shifts deftly between the fraught post-apocalyptic world and, twenty years earlier, just before the apocalypse, the death of a famous actor, which has a rippling effect across the decades. It’s heartbreaking to watch the troupe strive for more than mere survival. At once terrible and tender, dark and hopeful, Station Eleven is a tragically beautiful novel that both mourns and mocks the things we cherish. –Neal Thompson
  3. What else can I say about this one?  The dinner (in this case it was the small dinner) at Joe T. Garcia's in Ft. Worth is by far my favorite Mexican food in the world.  It will definitely be my last meal, but I just can't decide what part of that meal will be my last bite.  Looks like a bunch more decision making field work in my future...
  4. My mom bought me this stuff and it has saved my feet on so many occasions that I carry it with me in my purse at all times.  Before you even think you might get a blister, rub this stuff on your feet, toes, wherever you need it and it really helps.  There are lots of brands, but I prefer this Band-Aid Friction Block Stick the most.

What are your four faves?

P.S.  No Hodgepodge this week, as its creator is otherwise occupied.  Hope the move is going well, Joyce!


  1. Hi Paige! I have fills right now, but when I didn't I used nailtiques all the time. My Mom used it when she was going thru chemo and it did wonders for her weak nails. My #1 went to TCU and I know for a fact that Joe T Garcia's was one of her 3 food groups in college. That book looks great! Thanks for the tip! Enjoy your week!