Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sisters Unknown

Every day we are reminded here at CPD of why the work we do is so important.  Just a few days ago, 2 lovely ladies were here to get some funds for a couple of twin bedroom sets at Target.  The older daughter had been living with her maternal grandmother (her mother abandoned the girl some time ago) and the courts had determined recently (through a paternity test) that she had a wonderful and appropriate father living right here in Dallas.  The girl’s father was thrilled to find his 7 year old daughter that he didn’t even know about and she is now moving in with him, his new wife, and a 3 year old half-sister.  For less than $100, we were able to help the two sisters to bond with darling matching sheet, pillow, and comforter sets.  What a way to make a family happy and make two little girls into sisters and friends.

We are just beginning our Back-To-School Drive (we will send about 2,000 kids to school with backpacks filled with supplies and uniforms in August), so please send any donations our way.  We are looking for donations of school supplies and cash (to buy uniforms and supplies – we can buy in bulk).
Thank you for always keeping Community Partners of Dallas in your thoughts and prayers.  I feel like I spend most of my time here on my knees -- either in thanksgiving or in desperation!

My #FundraisingFriday gift is going to the Dallas Museum of Art this week.  Beauty enriches our lives.  We all need more beauty.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Four Favorite Things I LOVE Right Now!

I'm going to try something new-ish this week.

Although I have written about my Oprah-style favorite things before (seems to come around closer to Christmas for some reason – hmmmmmm?), I thought I'd tell you about my Four Favs every so often.  Today’s the day!

I read Kim Whitman’s blog (check it out here: all the time and she has the cutest thing up in the corner that says “currently obsessed” with a photo of the thing she loves. 

Now, I’m not Kim (if only – she’s smart, stylish, and gorgeous), but consider me your still smart, sometimes stylish (not today – wearing yoga pants and red t-shirt), and can-be-cute-in-low-lighting Kim…

Paige’s Four Favs:

  • Room:  A Novel – I read this book by Emma Donoghue almost two years ago and I still think about it all the time.  Amazing and surreal and beautiful and wild.  Highly recommended.
  • Trapp Number 2 Candle – This is the exotic spice smell and it is heaven to me.  I usually order them from Amazon, but you can get them at the Sample House.  I always have one at the ready.
  • White Orchid Plant – I must have one in my den at all times.  Tom Thumb and Whole Foods sell them, but the best ones (that usually last for 3-4 months) are from Nicholson Hardie.  Of course, expect to pay more at NH.
  • City Café To Go Slushie – City Café To Go on Lovers Lane sells this mixture of tea and lemonade, then freezes it into a concoction of icy deliciousness.  My mom and I both want one every afternoon.  OMG Goodness!

What are your Four Favs?

P.S.  My #FundraisingFriday gift is going to Highland Park United Methodist Church.  It is certainly one of my favorite things!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It Starts with Justice

If you are reading this, you are probably on Facebook.  Most of my blog traffic starts there and of course that makes sense to me because I have more friends/followers/connections there than anywhere else.  So, since you probably have a Facebook account, you also probably have a friend or two who are “animal” people -- you know -- those who post photos of dogs that need adoption, cats who are lost, and even those horrible photos of animals that have been tortured and left to die.
In April this year a puppy was set on fire by an 18-year-old man, Darius Ewing, here in the Dallas area.  Ewing, along with a group of other idiots, reportedly laughed as he doused the puppy with lighter fluid and flicked his lit cigarette at the dog.  When police arrived, the puppy was hiding and burns covered 70% of his body.  The puppy – later named Justice (pictured above -- photo courtesy of DFW Rescue Me) – ended up dying from his injuries.  The story made national news.

This story sickens me, as do all of the other stories of pets being tortured and abused.  But I would be willing to bet good money that for every pet that is tortured, there is an equally disgusting act performed on a child. 
And I would also bet that most (if not all) of those assholes who hurt defenseless animals were once defenseless children being abused or watching it happen to their mothers and sisters and brothers.  And I'd bet that if not stopped the Darius Ewings of the world will move on to torture women and children.

Yes, it makes me sick to hear about animal cruelty and see it on Facebook.  You should be glad that CPS doesn’t post what they see.

My #FundraisingFriday gift is going to DFW Rescue Me -- the group that took in Justice.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Searching for E...

I woke up at 4:27 am this morning.  Ugh.  After trying to fall back to sleep for about 30 minutes (with no luck, of course), I decided to just go ahead and wake up and turn on the TV.  I watched some shows on the DVR (Dance Moms and Design Star to be exact – love them both!) and then it was time to get up and walk with Cynthia. 

Cynthia and I have been friends since high school and we walk on Monday and Wednesday mornings before work – and since I know you’re wondering, we walk about 2 miles and not very fast, we’re talking the entire time – it is a great time to catch up and start the day moving.  I wouldn’t call it a habit, but it is a routine that we like and at least we’re putting in a little effort toward health on a regular basis.

NOTE:  Cynthia does far more than I toward healthy living.  She has a trainer, goes to classes, yoga, etc.  I'm the slug and since she reads this blog, I don't want to misrepresent her health-filled life.  Pardon me while I roll my eyes...

When I got to work this morning, Renee was already in the building.  Renee runs our Heart Program at Community Partners of Dallas and does a spectacular job.  The Heart Program is a group therapy program for children who have been sexually abused and for their non-offending family members.  It takes place every Tuesday night and kids are truly helped by it.
Anyway, this morning I stopped in Renee’s office to see how last night went for the kids and family members and since I had taken a phone call from one of the moms who is participating in the program with her daughter, I wanted to know what she wanted to speak with Renee about.

NOTE:  Yes, curiosity killed the cat and the CEO.  MYOB.
Renee told me the mom came to her last night and explained that her daughter (a victim of sexual abuse) just wasn’t getting anything out of the treatment.  Of course, I was surprised, and started to ask more questions when Renee said BUT THIS WAS ONLY HER SECOND TIME TO ATTEND.

One session of group therapy does not heal you, honey.  Didn't your mother tell you that anything worth doing takes time?
My AHA Moment today is that we need to make an effort to give everything that we’re doing a good old college try. 
Hey, I love Cynthia, but I sure don’t love walking.  I have to make myself do it and part of why is that it helps me.  It’s the same with therapy, piano lessons, bible study, school work, even blogging – the effort will bring a reward.

Mom and daughter are coming back – session 2 helped.
P.S.  The E I'm searching for is energy.  Remember, I woke up at 4:27.  Ugh.
P.P.S.  My #FundraisingFriday gift is to CPD's Heart Program.