Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Does anyone remember Trixie Beldon Books?

It's Wednesday, so it's blog day.  Is that really a good enough reason for me to write?


I really do try not to miss writing this thing and it is not because so many of you are clamoring for my posts -- if only, as I've said before, I'm not a Kardashian -- it is because I enjoy it.

I never thought I'd be a writer of anything.  I am a reader.  Even as a child, I loved reading.  I vividly remember one year for my birthday asking for and receiving all of the Trixie Beldon books from Hall's Variety Store in Highland Park Village.

NOTE:  Yes, new Dallacites, there used to be a dime store in the Village, along with a bunch of other normal stores.  It is only recent history that enables you to purchase a $20,000+ handbag there.

Trixie Beldon was a poor man's Nancy Drew.  Trixie and her friends and siblings loved to solve mysteries and there were 39 volumes of her adventures.  Reading was such an escape for me and I still love it.

NOTE:  You will not be surprised to know that I am the co-president (along with my friend Jill) of the Junior League of Dallas Sustainer book club called "Between the Covers".  Aren't we naughty?

I really have no idea where I would be today if I didn't read.  Reading helped me escape, helped me learn, helped me perform.  It still does.

That is why I really love our Back-to-School Drive at Community Partners of Dallas.  By learning to read, a child can escape, learn, and perform.  He can see that there is another way of life.  Another way to be an adult, a father, a daughter, or just a person in this world.

Seven-year-old Victoria was a happy and beautiful little girl -- up until her mother died and she went to live with her father and his new wife.  Victoria's father was a gambler and he was gone from the home for weeks at a time leaving Victoria at the mercy of her step-mother.  The step-mother never wanted Victoria and often beat her, starved her, and locked her in her room while the step-mother went out to party.

CPS investigated when a neighbor called the police about the child being left alone and Victoria was placed first into foster care, and then into the home of a maternal relative.

Victoria is excited about school this year for the first time.  Her caseworker has already turned in the request for her backpack filled with supplies and her uniform sizes.

I hope she's a reader, don't you?

If you want to learn more our Back-to-School Drive at CPD, please visit  We'd love to have your help!  Also, please shop at The Container Store, if you don't already do so (you can purchase and/or drop off school supplies there too).  They are our long-time partner for this drive and are such an amazing store with amazing things to buy!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Family Sucks

Or I guess I should say that dealing with family sometimes sucks, doesn't it?

My brother and I still argue over who Mom loves more (it used to be him, but now I am the favorite -- at least today...). 

I might have my mouth all set for Sunday lunch at Joe T Garcias, but no -- some family member has to be back to run errands and so we have to eat at Burger House.  Ugh.

First world problems, huh?

I also think back to when I was in middle school and my younger brother drove me absolutely crazy.  He thought it was hilarious to bug me and my friends at a slumber party, or to stand around looking stupid when a date came to pick me up in high school.

And don't even get me started on having to take him with me when my friends and I wanted to go to the Village or to a movie at NorthPark.  SOOOOO gross.

Yes, family can drive us bonkers -- but this week I was reminded of the alternative here at Community Partners of Dallas.

On Monday we had a CPS caseworker ask us for some help to provide a fun outing for some kids.  Eight kids.  Six brothers and 2 sisters.  One family.

These kids have been removed from an unsafe home and placed into foster care -- in four different foster homes.

So for just a bit of money we were able to give this family what they craved -- one another.  After being separated from one another for an extended period of time, they were all brought together by their caseworker for an afternoon of fun at Dave & Busters.  My mouth is smiling and my eyes are watering at the thought of them running to one another with shouts of joy.

I love my family.

P.S.  And God bless that caseworker, too.