Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why do people lie?


As an adult and a Christian, I really do try not to lie.  I feel it is part of my duty to be honest -- in fact the other day I told my brother that integrity is the most important thing to me in business.  I want to be honest at all times and I want to patronize businesses that do the same.  Stuff like the American Airlines pilots pretend sick-out makes me sick.

NOTE:  I really know nothing about the American Airlines problem and shouldn't even be commenting on it since I know nothing, but I write a blog and I can, so take it or leave it.  I do, however, know that the plumber who came to my house the other day is totally for the pilots and he thinks they should continue the lies and bullshit (my words, not the plumber's).  You see the plumber used to be a truck driver and had lots to tell me about unions and Texas and about how no truckers want to drive in Texas.  I wanted to ask him why people keep moving here and why he moved here (see this, but I just told him thanks for teaching me something about right-to-work states.  He taught me that I love them even more, but that is another blog...

Sometimes I think we feel like we have to lie -- you know the answer to "Do I look fat in this?" type of thing -- and sometimes I lie too, but mostly once I grew up, I stopped.

NOTE:  To me "Grew Up" means about 35 years old.  I never said that I was perfect, people.

Children are held to a different standard on my lie-meter, of course.  They lie about grades, homework being finished, boyfriends, makeup, what they ate for lunch, etc.  I did all of this and more and I know that kids still do it today.  Truly, if I had kids, I know that there are some things that I would rather not know about, as long as it isn't dangerous or life-changing.  Does it really matter if her homework doesn't get done once in awhile or if he and his friends went to a movie instead of studying that night?

The kids we deal with at Community Partners of Dallas lie.  They have to.  They lie about how they received the bruise on their arm.  They lie about whether or not they slept in a bed last night.  They lie about being touched by mom's boyfriend.  They lie because if they don't lie their parents will get worse.  Their parents might lock them in a closet.  Their parents might not feed them anything for a couple of days.

Stephanie lied to her teacher over and over again when her teacher asked why she always wore long sleeves and long pants, even in 95 degree weather.  Stephanie lied to her teacher about why she didn't have her lunch money most days.  Stephanie lied to her teacher when she wrote her back-to-school essay on "What I did this Summer". 

Stephanie lied because her mother threatened to kill her baby brother if Stephanie didn't lie. 

Luckily, Stephanie's teacher was a lie-detector and now Stephanie and her brother are living with their grandmother.  Stephanie doesn't have to lie anymore.

We don't either.

P.S.  My #FundraisingFriday gift is going to Trinity River Mission.  They are educating our future non-lying adults!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Four Favorite Things I Love Right Now! Part 4

Time for another list of my 4 Favs -- there are so many that it is actually hard to decide...  What a wonderful world we live in! 

If you missed any of the past Four Favorite posts, click here for the most recent:

OK, let's get down to business:
  1. Caller ID -- I know that so many of my young friends (See last week's post -- I have lots of them!) only use their cell phones and of course they already have Caller ID, but I am talking about the Caller ID on my home land line.  I can't tell you how much I enjoy not answering sales calls -- I really do relish in it.  If you ever drive by my house and see me doing a happy dance, I probably just ignored another call.  And why are you driving by my house without stopping to say hi?  Come on in!
  2. Holy Ravioli -- I had heard about this fabulous place for many years from my friend Sally, but I just wasn't that interested.  Let me tell you now, if you haven't tried it, run!  Every different ravioli I've tried is the bomb and their sauces are delish.  It is great to take to a friend who needs a meal.  Just stop by Tom Thumb and buy the Caesar salad kit, a dessert, and a bottle of wine and you are done.  Plus the best thing about it for me is that I can keep the raviolis in my freezer and just cook as many as I need -- it only takes 5 minutes.  Love it!  Their website is
  3. A Confederacy of Dunces -- this novel by John Kennedy Toole is the best laugh-out-loud book ever.  We are reading it for book club later this year and I am leading the discussion.  I can't wait to read it again -- for the umpteenth time.  MUST READ!
  4. Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Polish -- I just tried this for the first time last week and it really has staying power.  Right now I am wearing "Blue Blood" on my fingernails and it is super dark (very Morticia Adams, but still fun) and I have not had to touch it up yet.  Amazing!  Call Sherri at the downtown Neiman Marcus at 214-741-6911.  Tell her I told you to call.  Sherri will even walk it out to your car -- drive through service!
What are your favs?

P.S.  Sending my #FundraisingFriday gift to the Girl Scouts this week.  Being prepared has always helped me to get ahead!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tips for Staying Young From A Not So Old Lady

I'm headed to a friend's retirement party this evening.

When did I get old enough for that?

Now, please know that my friend is retiring earlier than most people (God knows that I'll probably be working until age 75 if they'll have me.) and she is a bit older than I am, but really,


All of you youngsters who are reading this blog need to be told now that your mind will never feel much older than when you were in college.  As your life continues your dreams may evolve and your friendships will ebb and flow, but really you'll still feel young.  At least I do.

So, here are my tips for staying young:
  • Keep learning!  An active mind is such a blessing.  Read, embrace new technology, be curious.
  • Talk to young people!  I love giving a speech for/or meeting with groups of teens.  Of course, I am lucky to have my niece Caroline who is still in high school to talk with -- I do believe that she really likes me -- and she KNOWS that I like her.
  • Learn to play bridge!  My bridge group over the past 12 or so years has brought me so much joy and laughter (I'm not a great player, but who really gives -- it's a game!) and supposedly it is a great way for your brain to get some good juices flowing. 
  • Keep up with fashion trends!  Not that I am the fashion plate (as if), but I do watch The Fashion Police on E! and try to look as good as I can each day.  Enjoying some wild colors on my fingernails lately has really made me feel cool... 
  • Make friends with people of all ages!  I am lucky enough to have many friends who are younger than I -- and I love them.  Their perspective is fresh and helps me to see things in a whole new way -- plus, they know all of the best restaurants in town because they are out every stinkin' night. 
  • If you are bored, volunteer!  Volunteering your time is a great way to feel useful.  We'd love your help at Community Partners of Dallas -- call Vanessa today at 214-624-7557.  The fountain of youth is just across town!
Thanks for reading and I'd love any tips you have to stay young in the comments.  My #FundRaisingFriday gift is going to CPD tomorrow during Donor Bridge -- why not raise a few more bucks for the kiddos?

P.S.  I didn't list it, but another way that I stay young is by using exclamation points -- ha!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hugh Jackman is Staring at Me

Hugh Jackman is staring at me right now, even as I write this post.

I promise you he is -- come to my office and I'll show you.  Actually, he'll stare at you too.  I have a poster of him in my office from when my friend Jill and I saw him on Broadway last year.

NOTE:  That man works a crowd -- believe me, he lost 5 pounds just during the hour and half we were with him.  Go and see him if you ever get the opportunity.  Great entertainer.

When Hugh first came to the office with me, I looked at him a lot.  We joked around the office that people were just coming to meet with me so they could see Hugh -- Ann was particularly interested in my feedback on her financial reports for a couple of weeks -- and we all had fun with our resident man in the building.

But that was then.  Nothing has changed, but now I rarely even notice Hugh.  He's still staring, but I just don't notice.  Hugh is no longer new.

Something new makes us all excited, I think.  Of course Hugh makes some of us more excited than others, but I digress...

A new idea gets our creative juices flowing.  A new delicious treat (Lately I'm loving the apricot oatmeal bars from Whole Foods -- yum!) tastes fantastic.  A new dress makes us look way better than we did just 5 minutes before. 

I'm not saying it's right, but in my mind it is a pretty universal truth -- new is good.

And if you are a child who has been abused, you need something new because that new outfit is going to help you to feel special and yes, good.

Thanks for helping us provide new stuff for kids involved with CPS through our Rainbow Room Program.  It matters a lot.  If you want to make a donation, go to our website at and click on the donate now button.  I did for my #FundraisingFriday gift.

Hugh is still staring.