Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Lookie Lookie It's Back to School Time!

Lookie Lookie It's Back to School Time!

I saw a sad photo of my friend's child on FaceBook yesterday because the kid had just been told that he had only 4 more weeks of summer.  Truly, the boy looked like he had lost his last friend and his dog had gone the way of his friend, too!

For those of us at Community Partners of Dallas, school is almost always on our minds. 

  • We know that kids at risk of abuse are safer in school.
  • We know that school is a place where kids can interact with well-functioning adults.
  • We know that kids will be educated and hopefully break the cycle of abuse in their adult lives.

Today, we gave out 1,972 backpacks filled with age-appropriate supplies and uniforms to children with open cases at CPS.  Tomorrow (and for weeks) we'll continue the job by distributing a bunch more.  We couldn't do it without our great donors and volunteers.  Thank you if you helped us.  It's not too late -- we provide school supplies to kids 365 days a year.  Visit our website at -- the kids need you!

Here's a pic from today!  All of those sacks and boxes are filled with new supplies and uniforms.  We're ready -- are you?

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Good things about getting older

As they always say, the good thing about getting older is that it's better than the alternative.

My friends and I think a lot about getting older -- we talk about our doctors, how our hips hurt, how we can't sleep well at night -- really everything.  So, I enjoyed seeing the cast of The Today Show putting out their pics using the FaceApp this morning.  All of them ended up looking good as older people.

They have editors who must know what they are doing!

Look at this

I may end up looking like this, but I can also tell you that I'll be better at a lot of things...

  • I always tell my nieces that you don't know anything until you're 40 (really it's 50, but I don't want them to think they have to wait THAT long).
  • I absolutely love my job and know I'm really good at it -- after 17 years at Community Partners of Dallas, I ought to be.
  • I've lived in Dallas so long that I know a ton of people, so I almost never walk into a room of strangers.
  • I know what I like to eat and drink and watch and read -- and if I want to do any of these things at any hour of the day, I do it.
  • I live in the present.

And I can have some work done if I want to.  This is the same photo with the Hollywood application
The real me is in the round one.  I'm OK!

What else gets better with age?

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Need the Shingles Vaccine? Fuggedaboutit.

What's wrong with me?

To be honest, there are probably a lot of things wrong with me.
  • I'm getting really sick of my frizzy hair.
  • I cannot make a breakfast sausage casserole that is satisfying to all.
  • I'm certainly overweight and have no willpower to change.
  • I'm getting really sick of my frizzy hair.  Wait -- did I already say that?
  • I'm pretty much a couch potato in my leisure time.  If I didn't have a job, I'd really be in trouble!
And I'm also at risk of shingles.

NOTE:  My friend Corinne told me that the shot hurts for weeks -- and she just left to get her second one.  Who knew that it was such a pain to be in pain?

I've been asking doctors about getting the shingles shot for years and the doctors -- different ones, BTW -- have always blown me off.  I used to think it was because I don't look (almost) 58, but now that I'm in a frenzy to find the damn thing, I'm beginning to think it was because the f-ing doctors didn't care if I got the shingles.

My Tom Thumb Pharmacy told me they are saving theirs for the waiting list (but when I asked to be put on the waiting list, they said no).  A few days later a friend on FaceBook posted she was getting her's at my Tom Thumb and that she was on the waiting list.  

NOTE:  Why would they put her on the wait list and not me?  Michelle is very pretty (and no frizzy hair) -- hmmmm...

Today, Corinne told me there is a vaccine locator website to look up who has the shots.  The Walgreens near me said they are holding their inventory for second shot patients and to call back.  

Another pharmacy on the vaccine locator website told me they had the shots, but that I had to be a Native American to get one.  

NOTE:  My profile will not help me here.  Not one f-ing iota.

I'm SOL.  Stay away from me if you have shingles.  I'll make an exception if you have Cheetos or a flat iron.