Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Good things about getting older

As they always say, the good thing about getting older is that it's better than the alternative.

My friends and I think a lot about getting older -- we talk about our doctors, how our hips hurt, how we can't sleep well at night -- really everything.  So, I enjoyed seeing the cast of The Today Show putting out their pics using the FaceApp this morning.  All of them ended up looking good as older people.

They have editors who must know what they are doing!

Look at this

I may end up looking like this, but I can also tell you that I'll be better at a lot of things...

  • I always tell my nieces that you don't know anything until you're 40 (really it's 50, but I don't want them to think they have to wait THAT long).
  • I absolutely love my job and know I'm really good at it -- after 17 years at Community Partners of Dallas, I ought to be.
  • I've lived in Dallas so long that I know a ton of people, so I almost never walk into a room of strangers.
  • I know what I like to eat and drink and watch and read -- and if I want to do any of these things at any hour of the day, I do it.
  • I live in the present.

And I can have some work done if I want to.  This is the same photo with the Hollywood application
The real me is in the round one.  I'm OK!

What else gets better with age?