Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Lookie Lookie It's Back to School Time!

Lookie Lookie It's Back to School Time!

I saw a sad photo of my friend's child on FaceBook yesterday because the kid had just been told that he had only 4 more weeks of summer.  Truly, the boy looked like he had lost his last friend and his dog had gone the way of his friend, too!

For those of us at Community Partners of Dallas, school is almost always on our minds. 

  • We know that kids at risk of abuse are safer in school.
  • We know that school is a place where kids can interact with well-functioning adults.
  • We know that kids will be educated and hopefully break the cycle of abuse in their adult lives.

Today, we gave out 1,972 backpacks filled with age-appropriate supplies and uniforms to children with open cases at CPS.  Tomorrow (and for weeks) we'll continue the job by distributing a bunch more.  We couldn't do it without our great donors and volunteers.  Thank you if you helped us.  It's not too late -- we provide school supplies to kids 365 days a year.  Visit our website at -- the kids need you!

Here's a pic from today!  All of those sacks and boxes are filled with new supplies and uniforms.  We're ready -- are you?

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