Monday, May 21, 2012

Life Tip 5: What's the World Got to Do with It?

Life tip number 5 is:

The world is conspiring in my favor.

This one reminds me that I am just a tiny part of the universe, and I need reminding.
I think most of us get bogged down in what we are doing to make our lives work – job, grocery, planning, time for church, a movie, reading a book, making sure our kids get to their activities – it’s all do, do, do and me, me, me.  We watch The Today Show in the morning and know that there is other stuff going on, but since most of the time the rest of the world is not directly affecting us – well, we just don’t think about it much. 

The world is a comma in my day, not a paragraph.
But this mantra reminds me that the world is out there, and not only is it out there, it is actively working on my behalf. 

In high school my friends and I used to play spades a lot and this makes me think of my friend Nicky who as he dealt the cards each time would say “Good cards to me, bad cards to you.”  He said it over and over as he dealt the deck out. 
Of course, we all thought this was hilarious (it was), but the older I get the more I know that words matter.  Thoughts matter, feelings matter and we have to listen to our inner voices.  The world is conspiring and we need to listen.

Tune in tomorrow for the final (and most important) tip!
P.S.  Nicky did win.  A lot.


  1. I miss him. Paige, I'm sharing all these tips with Charlotte who really needs to hear them...NOW...before she's off in the world! Thank you SO much. xoxoxox
    We need lunch -- in June?

    1. So excited for Charlotte -- loved seeing her at the Meyerson in your photos! I'd love lunch!