Saturday, May 19, 2012

Life Tip 3: Stupid stuff driving you crazy?

This is the third blog this week (check out May 17 and 18 if you haven’t already) of my “mantras” that I use to get over hurt, stress, and just all those things that life seems to throw at you. 

Just last night, when I picked up my mom to run an errand, she was adamant that a previous passenger who had ridden in my car had leaned out and spit out of the window and that it landed on the door of my car.  Of course when I explained that she is practically the only person who rides with me, thus she must be the culprit; well, let’s just say that it didn’t go over too well with her. 

Aside:  Of course I knew that mom had not spit out the window.  She is a lady.  I thought it was funny – a joke!  Mea Culpa!  I was just at a loss when confronted with the idea that anyone spit at my car – Joanna, perhaps?  Hmmmm…

The tone continued when we got into the store (Paper Affair on Lovers Lane – one of our favorite places to shop).  Mom did NOT like one of the note card sets that I picked out as a gift and throughout the shopping experience called it “the ugly one”, continuing our silly fuss. 

Aside:  Just ask my friends who play bridge with mom and me to tell you about our “exchanges” during the heat of the game – mom and I are both headstrong and both like to win – it’s hilarious.

Enough of this!  Mantra number 3 is:

All is well.

Say this to yourself each morning and it really does give you a sense of peace.  Some days you’ll need it more than others.

Tune in tomorrow for number four!