Friday, September 4, 2015

Style Tips From A Not-Too-Stylish Gal!

I attended a fashion show yesterday and (as always) I came away thinking that I knew almost everything about the trends already.

Yes, I do care about fashion.

You may not think that I care much about it if you know me; however, I do read fashion blogs (check out my list of favorite blogs listed on this page) and magazines.  I watch Project Runway and Fashion Police.  But, mostly I stick with the basics.  Here are my tips for looking good and pulled together at age 54 and beyond:

  • Spend some good money on one or two good outfits each season (I usually do Lafayette, Escada, or every few years I do a St. John).  These pieces never go out of style.  Try a pants suit with a jacket, a dress with a long coat that can go to a luncheon or to a cocktail party, etc. 
  • Try a trend in an inexpensive way.  Chico's will have some of this years trends that will be affordable -- I just bought their fringe skirt and purchased some lace in the spring.
  • Know which trends are not for you.  Culottes?  Just say no.
  • Accessories are your friend!  I love, love, love mixing up a plain t and jeans with a fun necklace.  Everyone loves a scarf or wrap to dress up black.  Hermes is great, but any scarf can turn up your outfit and help you look pulled together and intentional.  The hat above is not a usual accessory for me, but when you need to keep the sun off your face, it's a must.
  • My fave uniform for Fall (or any time of year) is a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a cardigan with cute flats.  I can wear the pants off of this all day long.
  • Separates are my favorite way to dress.  A pair of black pants, a white or black tank and a jacket or cardigan can take you anywhere for work or play.

So, you just read style tips from a not-too-stylish gal.  What are your style tips?


  1. I'm just saying NO to culottes. Great style tips....I'm on the verge of investing in my first St. John black suit and figure I can add on to it from there. So classy and so classic! I am also a jeans, cardigan, and flats kinda girl but change the cardigan to a puffer vest when the weather cools down. Love your style!

    1. Thank you for writing, Christine! You will never be sorry about St John -- and it can be blocked out bigger if needed and shrunk down smaller. Not that my weight ever fluctuates, or anything...

  2. Wonderful post. Great photo of you at the end. Enjoy your weekend!