Friday, September 18, 2015

Did I Really Say That?

I started writing this blog 5 years ago Sunday.

Writing was never something at which I thought I was particularly good.  I'm a talker.  I like to look at people and give a speech. I was trained as an actor, so of course I like people to look at me while I'm speaking, too!

So how did I end up here five years later with 267 blog posts?

I know how it started.  One of my co-workers wanted to write a blog for Community Partners of Dallas and pitched her idea to me to do it.  Sarah was already writing a personal blog -- that was quite good, btw -- but when I discussed her idea with our communications team (at the time our communications "team" was really only Joanna and I), we decided that if someone was going to write a blog that it should be from me as the "face" of CPD.

Note:  The "face" of CPD could stand to lose a few, but it's the face for now!

At the time I didn't want to write a blog, so we let the idea go.  Within the next 12 or so months, I attended a non-profit and social media branding workshop put on by my friend Kim Whitman.  Kim brought a few experts together to educate us charity folks who were there and there it was again -- should I write a blog???  What platform do I use?  How do I get started? Yikes, yikes, yikes!  I vividly remember talking to Kim after the meeting and she said, "Oh just use Blog Spot (now Blogger) -- that what I use and it's easy.  You can do it, Paige."

Note:  Kim is a real, live TV personality, an entertaining and life-style brand expert, gorgeous friend, and a wonderful mom.  If you don't already read it (and I'm sure you do), check out her wonderful-ness here:

That's was all it took.

I've enjoyed writing this blog so much.  I have posts I'm super-proud of and that still make me cry, as well as throw away ones that make me shake my head.  I love knowing which posts were more popular than others -- Blogger tells you this -- and I am apparently an expert on board service because my posts related to non-profit management tend to have more reads and longer legs.  I've also gotten to know people I've never met in person through blogging.  I love this writing thing.

Thank you for reading!  268 down -- more coming.


  1. I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog! I was a theater major in college - I knew I liked you! Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh my gosh, Katie -- that is amazing! What was your favorite role?

  2. happy blogging-versary! you know I've only recently found your blog but man am I ever glad that I did :) i'm the opposite of you...terrified of speaking in public and social settings give me palpitations...but give me a keyboard and some time and I could write a novel. :) hope you have a great week!

  3. added your friend Kimberly to my blog roll :) thanks for the tip.