Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Am I Controlling?

I just returned from another fabulous trip to the Miraval Resort just outside of Tucson, Arizona.  I have been going annually for many years and typically go with a large group of friends -- both old and a few new -- and that is what makes the trip especially fun.

Miraval is all about mindfulness and living in the present moment.  Meditation, living with intention, etc.  Here is the wall hanging that is in each room -- just in case you need a reminder while changing for dinner.
Those of you who know me well know that I am all over this stuff -- it's SO Oprah -- and I really find the time I spend there worth every penny.

NOTE:  Miraval ain't cheap, people.  Plus, they have really cute work-out clothes in their gift shop.

NOTE TO NOTE:  You may wonder why I need cute work-out clothes...  So do I, but damn if I don't always get myself some.

I always go to classes while I'm there to help me  -- on my <gag> journey and one of their experts told me that I need to keep writing (for a creative outlet), so I guess you won't be rid of this blog too soon.  Thanks for reading.

Here are the girls from this year's trip.  Most of us are no makeup, so reader beware.
The other thing one of their experts told me is that I like to be in control.

NOTE:  Sue me.

Just that morning I had gone on the 2 hour hike and it almost killed me.  But the worst part was when we arrived at the "dry creek bed" that they had filled up with sand (BTW, I bet they trucked that sand in) and then told us that we should trudge (my word, not his) through the sand and then up the next hill or two in silence.  Lori and I rolled our eyes and took off.  Sand in my shoes and huffing and puffing up the trail, barely keeping from stumbling into cacti each step.  Finally I get to the top and the front people (who would push to go around us the whole time so Lori and I finally just walked together to hold them back -- controlling?) were standing there in silence.

NOTE:  No one was really going faster than anyone else -- they just wanted to look like they were going faster.  Bitches.

Anyway, here they all are standing around looking bored, so I made this announcement to all:

I would like to say, and I am unanimous in this, that I don't want to walk through anymore sand.

NOTE:  Ten points if you caught the Are You Being Served Mrs. Slocombe reference.


Of course, D'Andra and Angela were in total agreement with me and cracked up -- Lori too.  My friends know that I'm controlling.  I think they like me that way.

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