Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm sick of myself.

I said something the other day (out loud) that I haven't been able to quit thinking about.  

Joe and I were at the Junior League of Dallas Ball (thanks to my friend Greg) and we were walking around talking to friends and taking pics with the I-Phone, etc.  Someone stopped us and said, "Would you mind taking our picture?" and handed us her phone.  What I said back is the problem:

"Of course I'll take it -- that's the only reason we came to the Ball!"  

Yuck.  Long slow clap for me.  

It seems to me that now all I do when I go to events is pose for pictures with my friends.  While the entertainment is happening, I am furiously taking pics that I can post on FaceBook, on Twitter, on Pinterest, on Instagram, on this blog -- basically missing the moment.

So while I took this amazing shot at Diffa the other night,  I missed seeing the show, actually talking to a person, or just thinking and observing.  

I no longer want to attend fabulous events and spend lots of time utilizing my basically non-existent photography skills on an inferior photographic device (Sorry, Apple, but it is.) so I can remember an event through some bad photos.

I want to attend and be present in the moment.  

Please invite me again -- I missed the party.

Caveat:  Under no circumstances does this mean that I want Jeanne Prejean and Nancy Gopez to stop bringing their cameras -- I want to see party pics, just not take them.  Plus, I paid good money for that dress, after all.

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