Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kids Are Smarter than Child Resistant Caps

The Today Show shocked me this morning with a piece on child-resistant bottle caps.  Jeff Rossen, their investigative reporter, got a room full of 4-year-olds and gave them a bunch of pill bottles, drain cleaner bottles, cough syrup bottles, etc. (without pills and cleaned out, of course).  He then told the kids to open them. 

Despite all of the bottles being child resistant, the kids were able to open every single bottle, some within 10 seconds. 

You can see the piece here:

It is super scary to see that child resistant meant nothing in the hands of the kids, isn't it?  I'm shouting from my soap box today:

Get ALL dangerous stuff out of reach of children!  Your child's life may depend on it. 

We tend to think that abusive parents are "active" in their abuse and sometimes they are, but CPS sees many more cases of neglect.  Please don't "neglect" safety proofing your home.

P.S.  This post makes me think of one of my favorite stories about my niece Caroline (aka Lina).  When Lina was about 5 she was over at my house and she kept trying to light my electronic long fire-starter flame torch that I use to light candles.  It was child-proof, so she couldn't get it to light and she asked me (in her little girl voice) "Why can't I make it work?", so I told her it was child-proof.  She then said "How does it know I'm a child?"

What a kid!  She turned 17 years old today.  Happy birthday, Lina.  Xxoo

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