Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To Jump or not to Jump?

I jumped.

This is a photo of me 35 feet in the air after climbing up a telephone pole and hoisting my butt up and over the top with the whole pole swaying and my legs shaking and well, let's just finish by saying that right after this picture was taken, I stumbled off the pole yelling -- uhh, uhh, uhh -- I'M GOING TO GO!

NOTE:  It is A LOT windy-er 35 feet up in the air.  Is this a problem for tall people?  How does Dirk keep his hair in place?

NOTE:  The jump instructor at Miraval said I was the only person who had ever held their nose when they jumped.  It was an automatic reflex from the blob at Camp Longhorn...

Let me tell you that I never, ever thought I would jump off a pole, but Miraval (and Cynthia O'Kelly) makes you do things you think you would never do.  Here's what happened:

On the plane on the way to Miraval for a girls trip in February (we had 8 of us there for fun, relaxation, and life-changing-stuff-Oprah-style), I casually mentioned to Cynthia that I was thinking of trying the Quantum Leap adventure at some point.  As quick as a wink Cynthia said, "Oh great, let's do it!" 

I said I was thinking about it -- not doing it. 

NOTE:  I think about eating kale -- that doesn't mean I'm going to do it, for Christ's sake.  Moderation, people.  Moderation.

So, Cynthia made me jump.  Oh, and it was supposed to be a 20 foot pole, but when we got there that morning our instructor told us that he had to ready the 35 foot pole instead. 

What's 15 feet between friends?  The whole thing got me thinking. 

Can someone make you do something? 

One of my old friends with whom I worked at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra told me not long ago that I was the reason that she and her husband decided to become foster parents.  About 10 years ago Deanna had done some volunteer work with me at Community Partners of Dallas and she apparently always remembered the experience.

Now, I didn't make her become a foster mom, but the seed was planted.  She was open to changing the lives of children who needed a chance.  I know God put us together at the DSO for that reason (and others).  I am so happy for the children who are lucky enough to be in her care.

So thanks, Cynthia, for helping me to make the decision. I'm glad we did it. Once.

This is a photo of us after we all jumped.  That ground felt good!


  1. when you are ready to eat kale, I have a kale salad recipe that is so good, you won't even think about how healthy you are being :) Always love your posts!!

    1. I already printed it off and took it home yesterday! Thanks for reading and for letting me know about your blog -- I love to eat!

  2. Paige, you are funny. Love this.

    1. Thank you for reading, Phoebe! I promise it is all true and next time I'm going to try the zip line. Maybe.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading, Claire! The older I get the more courage I get. Can't wait to meet you!