Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Bird Has Gone

On September 15th, I received a very excited email from one of my young friends.  I met J in bible study several years ago and she is just a darling girl.  Absolutely smart, gorgeous, funny – everything you’d want in a friend.  J is probably in her early 30s and so is her husband, N. 

Anyway, J and N had let me know many months ago that they had decided to become foster parents.  This precious young couple doesn’t have any children of their own, but felt led to do this important work.  When they told me the news, I was elated – they are perfect and I knew that any children placed in their care would be loved and well-treated.

After many months of training, jumping through hoops and more, J and N were told they were on the open list and were ready to receive a foster child.  Just a few days later, the call came and a 15 month old little girl arrived at their home – that is when I received the excited email and was asked to pray for J and N and for the little girl who was coming to stay.

I prayed.

I didn’t hear much from J and N until yesterday, when this email arrived:

We received the much anticipated call this evening.  CPS will pick up Little Bird from our home at 8:30am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and place her with relatives.  We don't know much beyond that. 

She was in our home for 28 days and it was the best 28 days EVER!

Your continued prayers for her, her family and us would be greatly appreciated.  

All our love,
N and J

PS - Please forgive us if we go "off the grid" for a few days, as we are learning how to heal from this.

How will J and N heal?  How do you love and care for a child, then let her go? 

I sent J and N this response:

What you did for that little thing will stay with her forever.  And I know with you also.  XXOO

I hope it stays or resonates with you too. 


  1. I don't know how they let go. I babysat a friend's one year old for two days a few weeks ago, and I missed him like crazy when he was gone... And he was going back home to loving parents.

  2. What wonderful people. Would that all foster parents were of that calibre. My niece & husband actually got to adopt the beautiful little girl they'd fostered since she was just a few months old. She just entered pre-school and is the joy of their existence. I hate to think of how they'd managed having to give her up at any stage of the fostering. I'll try to remember Little Bird and that amazing couple in my own prayers.

  3. They really are an amazing couple! How wonderful for your niece and nephew too, Phoebe!

    Johna, I know just how you feel! I hate it when my brother's dog goes home after a visit -- I would have a terrible time getting over a child. Of course, that is precisely why I am not a foster parent!

    Luckily, Cpd will be here to help Little Bird's relative to love and keep her safe!