Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I hate Beverly Drive.

I hate Beverly Drive.  Well, let me be more specific – I hate the construction on Beverly Drive.
It was one thing when it was just the blocks between Westside and Douglas – annoying, but I could maneuver around that pretty easily.  Just made one or two different turns in my route and I was fine.  It was almost fun to see some new scenery.
But now that they have also closed the block between Douglas and Preston, my life has been significantly impacted.  Traffic on Preston during busy hours is a nightmare.  I pretty much have to take Beverly to get to my mom’s house – and if you know me, you know how often I have to get over there – and Beverly is just my best thoroughfare to get really anywhere.
I hate it.  I hate having to think.  Before, I could just auto-pilot my way to where I was going while belting out some Broadway show tunes.  Now I forget about the road closure and all of a sudden – damn. 
Now I have to think.  If I forget, I end up getting stuck in traffic or maneuvering way out of my way.
It is different for an abused child.  A little girl may have small periods of normalcy while mom and dad are “up” and all is fine, but the most part of her every day is spent living in fear – living in the moment – with ever-present danger all around.
There’s no forgetting it.
A teen survivor of child abuse told me that when he was a young boy he really didn’t think a lot about the future – he just kept thinking about how to make it until the next day.
The next time I forget and find myself faced with the Beverly construction, I’m going to remember him.


  1. Someone very smart has said that life is a search for the analogy. You are one of the best analogy-drawers I've ever read. Beautiful piece.

  2. That is such a nice compliment! Thank you.

    Your "someone smart" is obviously a genius. Ha!