Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WTF -- Christmas Pumpkins?

Have you seen it?  This is one of several houses that I saw this year sporting both Christmas decor and pumpkins.

As my old friend Tom Foote would say "It just ain't fittin." 
  • Number one, pumpkins are so autumn, so dump them for winter, right? 
  • Number two, how are they possibly not rotting away on your front porch in January?
  • Number three, why do you want to divert attention from your Christmas stuff with all that orange?
But the real problem here is why do I think this is any of my business? 

It ain't.

I've started getting exasperated with all of the people who want to bitch about things about which they have no business bitching. 
  • Tom Thumb moving out of Highland Park Village?  Buy HPV from Ray Washburne and family and keep the store, otherwise shut up.
  • Don't think HPISD needs to add a new school/redo old ones?  Run for the school board or attend a town hall meeting.  NOTE:  Don't get me started on complaining if you don't even live in PC anymore -- you don't get a vote.
I'm going to start focusing my attention on my priorities and stop judging others.  Will you join me?

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