Thursday, January 22, 2015

5 Tips for Getting Back Control of Your Life

I have a big project to work on at Community Partners of Dallas, but I just can't get going. My eternal question is

Why am I too busy to do anything?

If you're like me, this is your problem. Even as I write this post -- and I'm one day late writing it, BTW -- I'm having my hair done at The Dry Bar. 

NOTE:  Yes, The Dry Bar is my secret to great hair. Now you know. 

NOTE to NOTE:  And it's not only my secret. I know someone in the joint every time I darken their door. 

Anyway, I've now rushed to the office for about 45 minutes, then I'm off to a lunch, then back and then and then and then...


I don't know exactly how to get my life back and my project completed, but I'm starting now. Here's my starting tips for control:
  1. Get your hair done and wear a good looking outfit. If you look like crap, you feel like it too. 
  2. Clean off your desk. Get out the Clorox Wipes and get the dust off. Don't forget to wipe down the phone -- gross!
  3. Go through your piles. File stuff. Sort into like action piles, then attack the ones you must and put the others aside. 
  4. Make a cup of tea or coffee -- I'm having peppermint tea right now and I love it -- drink some. 
  5. Look at your email. Respond to those that need response, then turn off notifications. Don't check again until 4 pm. 
Now, quit farting around and start that project, people!  Or at least I'm going to try to start.

No matter what, I'm looking great while drinking my tea.

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