Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Four Favorite Things I Love Right Now! Part 20

It's time for another Four Faves and I'm excited about these, people!

In case you missed part 19 (and all of the 18 before that), click here:

Last night I was home watching the tube and realized it was Tuesday (so the next day -- today -- is blog day) and started thinking about what to write. I actually do think about what I'm going to write in advance sometimes, but those of you who know me won't be surprised to learn that sometimes I just sit down without a F-ing clue.

NOTE: Last week's post is an example of no advance prep, and you guys still read and liked it, so why prepare? I try to prepare because it saves me time at my keyboard staring into space. Lauren (our fabulous Program Director at Community Partners of Dallas) once came in my office and said -- "Oh, I'm sorry to bother you, are you writing the blog?" I didn't know I had a tell -- apparently it's staring off out the window with a dumb-ass look on my face. Great.

Anyway, doing a Four Faves post is really my most fun writing, so here goes...
  1. SOOOOOO excited that The Americans is starting back up tonight! It is such exciting television and if you haven't seen the first two seasons, they are available on Amazon Prime, so go to your dvr, tape tonight's Season 3 opener on F/X, and start with Season 1 and 2 -- I promise you won't be disappointed. Warning -- it is not for kids or the faint of heart. Sex and violence galore. Here's the star Keri Russell on this morning's Today Show. Fun Fact: Keri and her co-star are together in real life too -- or at least they were last season.
  2. I love this gift from my wonderful friend Stacey -- it came with the whole Oprah Chai Tea system from Teavana -- called the Teavana Perfectea Maker. It is truly ingenious how it works and I love making myself a cup on the weekend.
  3. While I'm having a cup of tea, this is the current book I can't put down -- I've only read about 100 pages, but it has me on the edge of my seat! Order The Girl on the Train today!
  4. My final fav is my almost everyday read of Jeanne Prejean's My Sweet Charity Blog: Jeanne's blog is a must-read for everyone in the non-profit world and for everyone who is interested in culture, fashion, and celebs of the local-type. Her writing is spot-on and she is a champion for so many in our community who have no voice. She's a marvel. Dallas is lucky to have her on the job!
What are your faves?

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  1. Paige , if I move back to Dallas, you are going to be my new BFF! I absolutely LOVE The Americans!!! It gets me mad that they are never nominated for an emmy. They are both so good. Also, The Girl on the Train is the next book I am reading and can't wait. I am reading The Girl From Boston which is very good. Hope your weather doesn't get too hot in Dallas this weekend! haha