Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tips for Staying Young From A Not So Old Lady

I'm headed to a friend's retirement party this evening.

When did I get old enough for that?

Now, please know that my friend is retiring earlier than most people (God knows that I'll probably be working until age 75 if they'll have me.) and she is a bit older than I am, but really,


All of you youngsters who are reading this blog need to be told now that your mind will never feel much older than when you were in college.  As your life continues your dreams may evolve and your friendships will ebb and flow, but really you'll still feel young.  At least I do.

So, here are my tips for staying young:
  • Keep learning!  An active mind is such a blessing.  Read, embrace new technology, be curious.
  • Talk to young people!  I love giving a speech for/or meeting with groups of teens.  Of course, I am lucky to have my niece Caroline who is still in high school to talk with -- I do believe that she really likes me -- and she KNOWS that I like her.
  • Learn to play bridge!  My bridge group over the past 12 or so years has brought me so much joy and laughter (I'm not a great player, but who really gives -- it's a game!) and supposedly it is a great way for your brain to get some good juices flowing. 
  • Keep up with fashion trends!  Not that I am the fashion plate (as if), but I do watch The Fashion Police on E! and try to look as good as I can each day.  Enjoying some wild colors on my fingernails lately has really made me feel cool... 
  • Make friends with people of all ages!  I am lucky enough to have many friends who are younger than I -- and I love them.  Their perspective is fresh and helps me to see things in a whole new way -- plus, they know all of the best restaurants in town because they are out every stinkin' night. 
  • If you are bored, volunteer!  Volunteering your time is a great way to feel useful.  We'd love your help at Community Partners of Dallas -- call Vanessa today at 214-624-7557.  The fountain of youth is just across town!
Thanks for reading and I'd love any tips you have to stay young in the comments.  My #FundRaisingFriday gift is going to CPD tomorrow during Donor Bridge -- why not raise a few more bucks for the kiddos?

P.S.  I didn't list it, but another way that I stay young is by using exclamation points -- ha!


  1. Love this one, Paige! Totally agree that you always feel like your "college age"

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Tami -- my mind feels the same, only wish my body did!

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