Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hugh Jackman is Staring at Me

Hugh Jackman is staring at me right now, even as I write this post.

I promise you he is -- come to my office and I'll show you.  Actually, he'll stare at you too.  I have a poster of him in my office from when my friend Jill and I saw him on Broadway last year.

NOTE:  That man works a crowd -- believe me, he lost 5 pounds just during the hour and half we were with him.  Go and see him if you ever get the opportunity.  Great entertainer.

When Hugh first came to the office with me, I looked at him a lot.  We joked around the office that people were just coming to meet with me so they could see Hugh -- Ann was particularly interested in my feedback on her financial reports for a couple of weeks -- and we all had fun with our resident man in the building.

But that was then.  Nothing has changed, but now I rarely even notice Hugh.  He's still staring, but I just don't notice.  Hugh is no longer new.

Something new makes us all excited, I think.  Of course Hugh makes some of us more excited than others, but I digress...

A new idea gets our creative juices flowing.  A new delicious treat (Lately I'm loving the apricot oatmeal bars from Whole Foods -- yum!) tastes fantastic.  A new dress makes us look way better than we did just 5 minutes before. 

I'm not saying it's right, but in my mind it is a pretty universal truth -- new is good.

And if you are a child who has been abused, you need something new because that new outfit is going to help you to feel special and yes, good.

Thanks for helping us provide new stuff for kids involved with CPS through our Rainbow Room Program.  It matters a lot.  If you want to make a donation, go to our website at and click on the donate now button.  I did for my #FundraisingFriday gift.

Hugh is still staring. 

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