Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Four Favorite Things I LOVE Right Now!

I'm going to try something new-ish this week.

Although I have written about my Oprah-style favorite things before (seems to come around closer to Christmas for some reason – hmmmmmm?), I thought I'd tell you about my Four Favs every so often.  Today’s the day!

I read Kim Whitman’s blog (check it out here: all the time and she has the cutest thing up in the corner that says “currently obsessed” with a photo of the thing she loves. 

Now, I’m not Kim (if only – she’s smart, stylish, and gorgeous), but consider me your still smart, sometimes stylish (not today – wearing yoga pants and red t-shirt), and can-be-cute-in-low-lighting Kim…

Paige’s Four Favs:

  • Room:  A Novel – I read this book by Emma Donoghue almost two years ago and I still think about it all the time.  Amazing and surreal and beautiful and wild.  Highly recommended.
  • Trapp Number 2 Candle – This is the exotic spice smell and it is heaven to me.  I usually order them from Amazon, but you can get them at the Sample House.  I always have one at the ready.
  • White Orchid Plant – I must have one in my den at all times.  Tom Thumb and Whole Foods sell them, but the best ones (that usually last for 3-4 months) are from Nicholson Hardie.  Of course, expect to pay more at NH.
  • City Café To Go Slushie – City Café To Go on Lovers Lane sells this mixture of tea and lemonade, then freezes it into a concoction of icy deliciousness.  My mom and I both want one every afternoon.  OMG Goodness!

What are your Four Favs?

P.S.  My #FundraisingFriday gift is going to Highland Park United Methodist Church.  It is certainly one of my favorite things!


  1. Hmmmmm... 1)The blue candles from The Market. 2)a new recipe for Lemon Ice Box Pie ice cream I found on Pinterest. YUMM! 3)being able to work occasionally from home - those are known as "No Pants Days" and last but not least 4)I am currently obsessed with quinoa. Ok, half of my current obsessions are food items. What is up with that?

  2. What are you doing with quinoa, Leslie? I would love to try it. Lemon Ice Box Pie would be great too...

    1. Oh, and are you talking about the Rigaud Blue Candle? I used to love the yellow one.

  3. I think that slushie is going to be my favorite thing. Must go check it out.
    I love my school. Hard but learning.
    Chocolate marscopone toffee bars. Disgustingly good!
    My Mini Cooper Countryman. I can park anywhere!

    1. You always have fun stuff, CJ -- you need to write a 4 fav makeup items blog!

  4. me thinking...current top 4 fav things:
    1) quinoa from central market - already prepared. i go there almost everyday to pick some up for a snack. very high in protein. i swear it is why i have lost some weight..finally!
    2) husband and daughter are out of town...just leaves me and the boy...the lack of noise in my home makes me realize just how much i enjoy being alone and nice.
    3) la croix water - i have been trying to be healthier and drink more water and less tea (have not been sleeping well). this water is naturally flavored and calorie-less...i drink a ton of it every day.
    4) reading - i have been reading more and more lately. i realize just how much i have missed the "escape" of reading.

    ok...i know the above makes me seem like a loner, but as you know, i truly am not! but, I am either way ON or way OFF. I have been that way my entire life. Once i get home from a long day, I like to escape to my room for solace. :D

    1. I have to try that quinoa, Emily! I also have been turned on to La Criox water. I like the berry flavor and grapefruit. It really quinches my thirst. I also love quiet and being alone. Tend to lean toward that more the older I get. A bath feels like heaven when I get home from work.