Wednesday, April 4, 2012

RIP Johnathan -- We Let You Down

Another set of crap parents have admitted to starving their son.  Johnathan Lloyd Ramsey (known as JL) was starved to death by his father and step-mother – as a punishment.
When I look at this 10-year-old’s face, I see a darling child.  What could this kid have done to be punished so harshly?  Even if he did punch his step-mother and cause a miscarriage (I find it hard to believe that a 90 pound boy could physically accomplish this, and I also wouldn’t believe one word that came out of the mouths of either one of these “parents”), the punishment did not fit the crime.
We have been told that JL’s mother (who lives in New Mexico) called and frequently asked about the boy, but when told over and over again that he couldn’t come to the phone, must have hung up and went back to her business.  The paternal grandfather is the one who finally contacted the police, but it took too long. 
Who do I blame for this tragedy?  Everyone. 
Yes, I totally blame the parents who starved this little boy, but I also blame every other person who knew that child.  It takes months to starve to death.  Where were the neighbors, the school officials, the family, the friends?
This is a grim reminder for us to watch one another.  Listen to your inner voice.  Ask questions.  Be suspicious.  Call 911.  Call CPS (800-252-5400).  And if people won’t listen, keep calling.  Shout if you must.
JL’s life depended on it.  We let him down.

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