Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Help -- my desk is a wreck!

My desk is a wreck.  Newspapers stacked up on one corner, piles of to-dos, snack foods, even my new vitamin regimen products are strewn across the thing.
I hate my desk like this. 

I really find it hard to concentrate and it just makes me feel out of control.
Now, some people thrive in this sort of environment.  Some of my co-worker’s offices at Community Partners of Dallas may look like a tornado hit them, but if I walk in and say do you know where the __________ is, they’ll lean over, move a pile of stuff and put their hand right on it.  It is a wonder to behold.
But, I need order.  I crave it. 
At home, my bed is made right now even though no one will see it except me.  My spices are alphabetized (Thanks for the tip, Francie!) and my clothes are hung by type and color.  So, today, I’ll clean this desk and my mind will be free and my work will begin anew.
It’s a good place to begin a project to benefit the abused and neglected kids of Dallas County.  We all need a fresh start sometime.
Clorox wipes, here I come…

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