Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#FundraisingFriday is here!

As you might imagine, I don’t read everything that comes across my desk, my computer screen, my I-Phone, my I-Pad, etc.  I bet you don’t either.
I am lucky enough to have a Mom who reads her Dallas Morning News religiously every morning and who texts (my mom taught me how) to let me know if there is something I really need to look at in case I don’t get to the paper that day.  I have co-workers who alert me to interesting articles about fund development, social media, etc. – but I would say that really, I am the main person who does this for them – as well as friends who will see something and let me know about it.
It takes a village, doesn’t it?  So much to read, so little time.
Anyway, I say all this to let you know that my friend Leslie Clay (Development VP at Hope Cottage.  Her mom and my mom were childhood friends.  So cute!) sent me an email about 3 weeks ago about this blog post.  Leslie thought it would make a good one – I think she’s right, so here goes…
There is a small movement in the Non-Profit world that is going around and the movement could use your help.  Called #FundraisingFriday, the idea is to ask everyone to commit to donating $10 each Friday to your favorite charities.  The #FundraisingFriday name obviously came from twitter since it uses the hash tag, but you don’t need to be on twitter to participate.
Everybody knows that $10 a week is a commitment, but it is totally do-able (and remember, I work for a charity, people), so I say let’s start this week.  Of course, I would love to encourage everyone to start by donating your first $10 to Community Partners of Dallas – CPD is an agency where $10 really buys something for the abused and neglected kids in our community.  It could send 3 babies home to their foster parents with new onesies or a whole bunch of kids back-to-school with pencils.  Hell, it can help pay $10 worth of our electric bill – and we would be honored to receive your donation.  Visit to donate now and be sure to note that your gift was from #FundraisingFriday!
But just so you know that this post is not a total ploy to rake it in for CPD, I’m going to send my first $10 to my friend Leslie at Hope Cottage – this was her blog idea, after all – I know they help kids get adopted and a lot more.  Look for it, Leslie!
P.S.  I’d be happy to help promote your #FundraisingFriday recipients on this blog, so please post where your money is going in the comment box below.  I’d love some new ideas for my future gifts!

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