Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Wish

The Toy Drive is upon us at Community Partners of Dallas!
This year we have wishes from more children than ever before – over 5,300.  That means that we have more than 10,600 wishes to fill, plus even more than that for those kids who will come into care of CPS today and every day until the holiday is over.
The thing that always gets me every year is thinking about what it must feel like to be one of our kids.  When you have been let down over and over again by the adults in your life, when your hopes have been dashed, and promises not kept – well, even speaking a wish out loud is hard.  Your wishes have never been filled and your parents have never delivered upon a promise.  So when your CPS caseworker asks you what you want for Christmas you might whisper an answer, but all the time you know that it probably won’t ever come true. 
But when that wish is fulfilled, when that caseworker arrives at your foster home with the very thing that you asked for, you once again start to hope.
And a hope can become a dream and a dream can become reality.
We could use your help right now.
We have LOTS of wishes left and our deadline is Saturday, December 10th.  These wishes and dreams from these kids are not extravagant either:
  • Anthonia is 10 and she wants a Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker.
  • Freddy is 4 and wants a Leapfrog toy.
  • Jayleen is 11 and wants some pre-teen books.
  • King is 1 and wants a Tonka Truck.
For 10 or 20 bucks you can show a child you will never know that she matters.  That he can have a dream fulfilled.
Call us and a wish will be on its way to you – 214-624-7557.  Thanks!


  1. May I send Jayleen 2-3 of my favorite "pre-teen" books? Maybe order them on Amazon and have them sent to you?

  2. Yes! Thank you, Phoebe! Our address is
    Community Partners of Dallas
    1215 Skiles St
    Dallas, Tx. 75204

    I have Jayleen's card with me right now and I'll mark it as filled by you. Thank you very much!

  3. Done. Watch for them; they'll be arriving separately since they're all from different Amazon sellers. (Three books in all.)

    Oh dear, I just noticed the Dec. 10th deadline. They SHOULD arrive safely before then; all three said they'd arrive by the 9th. But that's cutting it awfully close. When is the actual gift presentation?

  4. We will get them to her, Phoebe! Thank you for your kind and generous gift!