Friday, October 23, 2015

Four Favorite Things I Love Right Now! Part 23

Sorry that I've been an absentee blogger for a week or so -- life sometimes does get in the way of blogging, doesn't it?  I haven't had time to even read my favorite blogs, must less write one.

BUT, since it is threatening to flood in Dallas today and we have only a few brave souls in the office at Community Partners of Dallas, I have a little time to write.  And you know if I get to write about my Four Faves it's a good day -- yay!

If you are new to this blog, I write about my favorite things periodically.  Visit the most recent one here (and so on):

I decided this morning that I'd do a few of my favorite morning things with one evening thing thrown in so you know I'm loads of fun at all hours of the day (and night)...

I spent a little time this summer reverting to my high school days when I ate no breakfast in the morning.  I thought this might help me to lose a few, but it hasn't and my recent visit to a new doctor had her lecturing me that I was doing the exact opposite thing that I should be doing -- ugh.

NOTE:  Never again will I go to a young, skinny female doctor.  Give me a fat old male doctor every time.  If he also smokes that's a bonus.

1.  I love this Applegate Naturals Sausage that my friend Katie told me about years ago.  You can heat up one or two pieces in a skillet and you're ready to go.  I usually have a few grapes with it too. Red grapes are just fantastic right now.

2.  My new Green Smoothie is the best!  Add these things to your blender in this order:
One 1/4 C water (or you can use coconut water -- I use good old filtered tap water)
Handful of spinach (if I have it I add some kale too and sometimes a little pineapple)
Navel orange, peeled and pulled into a few sections
1/2 of a frozen banana, cut into 1/4 inch slivers
Dash of cinnamon
Squirt of honey
Blend this, then add 1/2 glass or so of ice and a tablespoon of hemp seed (for protein) and pulse/blend again.  Delish!

3.  This is not food, but I'm absolutely smitten with this Scarf from Hadleigh's in Highland Park Village.  They are opening a new store on Madison Avenue in NYC next week, so get your scarf now while you can.  It is oblong and can be a scarf or used as a shawl.  Fabulous patterns!  Not cheap, but SOOOO wonderful.

4.  My friend Sofia told me about Yogi Tea to relax at night and I just love it.  Has a slightly sweet flavor without any sweetener added.

What are your Four Faves?


  1. glad you're doing ok :) its all gloomy here but no rain yet. I just happened to run by the grocery to grab some bacon and it was a mob there...I think the weatherguys and gals are in cahoots with the grocery stores. :) i'll have to try that sausage and tea. thanks for the tips :)

  2. Paige... love your scarf - also loved the store when I lived in tx. Your smoothie sounds so refreshing. Will definitely try it this week. Enjoy your Sunday.