Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Good Morning Is Coming

As you may already know, I love a good quote.

My current favorite source is my box from Oprah (detailed in this post: -- fav #3 to be exact) and since it is almost time to write my remarks for next week's Chick Lit Luncheon benefiting Community Partners of Dallas, I'm on the lookout for inspiration 24-7!

But, by far, my absolute favorite, the quote I always come back to, the king of all quotes, is this one by Ralph Waldo Emerson...

Ponder this:  Be grateful for each new day.  A new day that you have never lived before.  Twenty-four new, fresh, unexplored hours to use usefully and profitably.  We can squander, neglect or use it.  Life will be richer or poorer by the way we use today.

Finish each day and be done with it.  You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities crept in; forget them as soon as you can.  Tomorrow is a new day.  You shall begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

Ain't it the best?  Believe it, people.

Be happy.  Work well.  Have fun.  Forget your mistakes and stupid shit.  Start tomorrow filled with excitement for what your new day will bring.

Each day is a gift from God.  Live it well!

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