Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Do you choose your realtor from a photo?

While perusing The Dallas Morning News this morning, I came across the huge full page ad for Ebby Halliday Realtors where they show the photos of their top sellers of the quarter. 

NOTE:  This ad was in Sunday's paper, by the way -- I get behind sometimes -- I blame this on work and my DVR and not necessarily in that order...

You know the ones -- many of the residential companies do this -- they have the top, top sellers at the top (duh) of the page with bigger photos and then the not-so-top-but-still-good sellers in the middle and then at the bottom the also rans (Who I'm sure make TONS more money than I do, so this is no judgment on page placement by me!). 

These type of celebratory ads have been going on for years, haven't they?  And I KNOW that they cost lots of money -- the last time I checked (which was about 15 years ago, so take this for what it's worth) a full page ad in the DMN was $10,000.

Do we really choose a realtor this way?  Does a picture of a woman (or man, but they are about 95% women on the one I'm looking at) make you want to call them and hire them to sell your house?

Not for me.

So why do Realtors keep doing these ads?

Of course, the ads probably do bring in some business, but I would say the vast majority of business comes from referrals.

Referrals work for non-profits too -- if you like and believe in Community Partners of Dallas and the work we do enough to write us a check or bring us a backpack, I certainly hope you will tell your friends.  And if you need me to come and tell them in person or if you want to bring them to our office so we can show them, call me at 214-624-7557.

We can't afford the ad.

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