Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What do you say behind my back?

I got to hear from one of my idols this morning, thanks to the Dallas Social Venture Partners!

Seth Godin is a marketing guru and writes my favorite blog (incredibly titled "Seth's Blog" -- I copied him on my blog title, but decided I needed the last name too.  For now anyway -- Ha!).  Here's how you can subscribe or read him here:

This morning he did a one hour presentation geared toward Non-Profits, but his message applies to all.  My aha moment was when he asked us this:

When people talk about you (your agency, your business), what do they say?

If they are not saying what you want them to say, teach them.

How great is that?  Not saying it's easy, but if you can make your story memorable people will love you for it -- at least I hope they will...

This is a project Seth did a few months ago and I think it is spectacular -- a colossal book that no one would ever publish (except him).  There are only 2,000 in existence and one of them is mine -- it is mostly a collection of his blogs (Remember, I told you he was an idol of mine.).  One of the first pages says this:

Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and now is exactly the right moment.  So start.

Love it!

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