Friday, November 30, 2012

A Picture Says A Lot

As usual I watched The Today Show this morning and they had an interview with a police officer and a photographer that was cool.

Turns out that this NYC cop had been walking his beat on Times Square and had seen a homeless man wearing no shoes on a cold night in the city.  The officer then went into a nearby store and purchased shoes and socks and then came back out and helped the homeless man put them on.  A tourist photographer captured the shot on film and apparently it has become an Internet juggernaut.

You can see it here
Warms your heart, doesn't it?
Every day at CPD we meet children who need so much.  And just like this wonderful police officer, the CPS caseworkers of Dallas County are there to comfort these kids and help them fit their little feet into new shoes and socks and more. 
But because of donors like you, the caseworkers no longer have to dip into their own pockets to provide these essentials.
Thanks for helping Community Partners of Dallas provide 20,000 invisible photos this year.

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