Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finding the cheapest price sucks.

I’m tired of having to fight over prices.
I don’t want to clip coupons.  I am sick of getting all of those groupons in my inbox each day for laser hair removal (Do they think I’m a Sasquatch or a Kardashian or something?).  I think that it is super gross that when I fly that the person next to me might have paid less (or more) than me for the same exact service (which is pretty crappy, BTW).
I’m tired of it.
I want to find a TV I like and pay for it.  I don’t want to check online to see if I can get it cheaper somewhere else, and then make them match the price.  When I get the renewal bill from Sirius XM Satellite Radio, I want to pay it and get it off my desk, but I know that if I wait, then tell them I want to cancel my service, I’ll get it cheaper.
Life is too short for this crap.  But this crap is nothing.
Today, we had a great meeting for our Community Partners of Dallas’ woman’s auxiliary group (called The Partnership).  About 40 of us met at a beautiful home, had a delicious lunch donated from Kuby’s (pimento cheese – yum!), and heard from 3 angels on earth – caseworkers from Dallas County Child Protective Services.
The caseworkers told us about their jobs and about the children they protect and serve.  About a 7 year old boy who was forced to stand with his hands behind his back and take a punch to the face from his father, over and over again.  About a mother who chose her new sex-offender husband over her 4 teenage daughters.
We heard about heartbreaking cases and about the work that caseworkers do each and every day.
Yes, I’m sick of fighting over prices.  But that is nothing compared to how sick I am of abusive parents.
One of our auxiliary members asked one of the caseworkers what she would change if she had a magic wand to end the abuse.  The caseworker said this:
I wish that I could get into the minds of these parents and change them.
Me too.

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