Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm thinking about Coats

Community Partners of Dallas is giving away Coats tomorrow.  Unless you have lived without one, you may not know just how important a Coat can be.

  • Coats keep us warm.
  • Coats keep us from getting sick – at least according to my mom who is adamant that you can get sick if you don’t keep warm.
  • Coats are fashionable and will help define your personal style – my favorite reason for a coat.
  • Coats help us remember that it really will get cold some day in Dallas – I promise, it will.

For the abused and neglected kids of Dallas County, a Coat is a not just a Coat and not even just those things I listed above.

For these kids, even if their lives are in turmoil and they have started to believe all the things they have been told by their parents – that they are stupid and worthless and ugly and dumb – a Coat is something special.

  • Coats mean that someone cared about them.
  • Coats mean they are warm and fashionable.
  • Coats mean they are just like the other “normal” kids at school.
  • Coats mean that they fit in.

And for them, that might be all they need to see a new future.

P.S.  Please join me in thanking the Presenting Sponsor of our Coat Drive, Fidelity Investments, and all of the other donors and many volunteers who worked to make this drive happen.

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