Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 Baby Girls

I met two absolutely beautiful babies this week at Community Partners of Dallas.  Two precious baby girls, both wrapped in pink with little hats and blankets.  Both healthy and happy and just exactly the kind of child you can’t leave without touching their baby toes and putting your face right in theirs and talking baby talk.
Both baby girls arrived here safely in car seats driven by their beautiful mothers who are volunteers with our agency.  These baby girls were both wanted so much by both their mothers and fathers and we all prayed for the pregnancies, for their health, and for their safe delivery. 
And you should see the baby announcements for these two darlings – one of them is wearing a princess tiara and pink tulle and the other is wearing a pink knit skull cap with a large rhinestone pin attached to it.  The entire staff squealed with delight when we opened them!  I even took them home so my mother could see the announcements – and she doesn’t even know the families!  Truly, I have not been more excited about two baby girls in my life (except of course for my very own two nieces who were just as beautiful and perfect and wanted).
Contrast this with the baby girl who came to our Heart Program last night.  The Heart Program provides group therapy for kids who have been sexually abused and for their non-offending family members.
The 16 year-old mom was sexually abused by the boyfriend of the teen’s mother, so that is why she was referred to our Heart Program.  The teen had her baby in December (the baby is not a product of the sexual abuse, she is the child of a teen boyfriend) and is working to get her life back on track.
The Heart baby girl doesn’t have a birth announcement and doesn’t have her birth father in her life.  Her teen mom is no longer living with her own mother because her mother did not believe that her own boyfriend had sexually abused her daughter.
But, the Heart baby was safely carried in a car seat and was all dressed in pink and was just as precious as my other baby girls.  And I hope just as much happiness comes to her as I know it will to my other baby girls.
And with help, I hope that she will break the cycle.

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