Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tips on Blogging from a Non-Expert. Really, I mean that, people.

It is day 2 of the Dallas ice storm.  What am I doing?  Well, I tried to learn how to edit video on Flip Share (unsuccessfully -- thank God for Natalie Farr), talked to my mom numerous times (she is planning a party, so lots to discuss), worked remotely on the CPD computers (hear that, Community Partners of Dallas’ Board Members – I am always working!), built a fire (somewhat successfully – the wood is pretty wet), and am starting to think about lunch.  But Wednesday is my normal blogging day, so I am sitting at the computer, writing. 
Blogging is an interesting activity.  Have something to say?  Put it out there!  Is it controversial?  Think about it first, then decide how you would feel if they quoted it on the front page of The Dallas Morning News, then do it if you feel strongly about it!  Can you pass along interesting content that people would like to read?  If so, do it (and by the way, you won’t know if people want to read it until you do it – but you’ll find out quickly enough – your blog site will tell you how many views you get for each post)! 
What can your blog be about?  You can choose to blog about an activity that you enjoy:  One of my friends (the wonderful Katie Mears) started a wonderful blog this year called “Is There Any Wine Left” ( and it is all about recipes she loves.  Or you can just start writing about whatever you want to write about, more like mine.
My blog ( has been a lot of fun for me and you are actually reading this (Thanks, BTW!), so it is helping me to get the word out about CPD, as well as about other things that I enjoy.  I never would have started my blog without encouragement from others – CPD's Program Director, Sarah Thomsen; one of our former college interns, Brian Wellman; the Development VP at Hope Cottage, Leslie White Clay; and Brad Mays, a friend from HPUMC.  Also, I learned some basics from a Social Media seminar put on by Kim Whitman’s Rsvp Soiree that featured Mike Merrill.  Many thanks to all of you for your help and advice.
So, allow me to be your encourager if you are thinking about starting a blog.  Do it!  And if you need some advice about blogging from a relative novice, feel free to call me at 214-624-7557.  But not today, I’m at home – it’s a snow day.
P.S.  When I wrote the first paragraph of this blog, I had no idea about what would come out.  So, call for advice at your own risk.  Fair warning!  Stay Warm!