Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Catalyst, Reporting for Duty!

I have written a few past Thanksgiving posts from Fredericksburg, Texas -- a place I love to visit, especially when I am with the Clark family.  It is such a joy to be with a large and fun family with multiple generations and lots of laughter.  I feel blessed to have shared so many great experiences with Joe and his family for Thanksgivings past.

This year (like many others -- I used to kinda switch off my turkey eating each year), I'll be here in Dallas with my own family and Joe will be with us.  And the best part is -- I'M COOKING AT MY HOUSE!

Let me explain...

My sister-in-law cooks the turkey and its trimmings almost every year, but this year she is in a boot, so I offered to cook at my house.  Joe and I are planning the meal and cooking it (mostly) and my mother is going to be with us for moral support (aka telling us what to do).  Mom and I decorated the table and I pretty much totally copied Alicia Wood's tablescape from The Lush List blog (http://www.thelushlist.com/2016/11/elegant-thanksgiving-tablescape/), so it looks fantastic.  I'm trying my friends Cynthia and Nick's turkey cooking method.  All is set.

I'm grateful to have friends and family coming over for a full table and I'm certainly blessed to live here in the USA and have a job that I love and plenty to eat.

Hope you'll join me in feeling blessed and happy, because you are blessed and happy.

So much happier than the kids we serve at Community Partners of Dallas.  We are collecting toys right now and we're short on tablets for our older kids.  If you are willing and blessed enough to be able to donate one, we really need you.  Go to Amazon (https://smile.amazon.com/All-New-Amazon-Fire-HD-8-8-Inch-Tablet-8GB/dp/B018SZT3BK/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1479762451&sr=8-4&keywords=fire%2Btablet&th=1) and buy a fire tablet and have it sent here to our office:

Community Partners of Dallas
ATTN:  Paige
1215 Skiles Street
Dallas, TX  75204

All kids need an escape and abused and neglected kids need an escape more than most.  A tablet can do that.  Thanks for sharing your blessings with a kid who really needs it.  Feel free to tell the people around your Thanksgiving table about what you did for us.  You can be a catalyst for change!


  1. Paige!! I didn't know you were back writing your blog. Welcome back and I'm going to put you back on my blog roll. I've missed you! Happy thanksgiving.

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