Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lindsay Lohan is better than you.

Yes, I watched the Lindsay on OWN series -- every episode.

Those of you who know me know that this is not a surprise.  I love Oprah and love reality TV, so of course I was watching.  I didn't really learn much except that movie stars with chemical additions (and without them, I suppose) have lots of staff.

On the final episode they zoomed in on a bumper sticker on a car that said

Lindsay Lohan is better than you.

First, who actually has this on their car?  Her parents may, but they may be the only people to whom the phrase applies.

My mother taught me this -- You're not better than anyone else, but there's no one better than you.

I love that phrase but after my experience last night, I know it is not true.  There are lots of people better than me (and you for that matter) -- the staff members of Dallas County Child Protective Services.

Last night we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Community Partners of Dallas (where I am the President and CEO) by throwing a party for some of the BEST people in Dallas -- the CPS caseworkers and staff -- at the Dallas Arboretum.  It was a big appreciation event and -- thanks to our sponsors -- we provided a beautiful setting, dinner, and a band.  CPS staff members received medals saying "Hero" from Tenet Healthcare and picnic blankets as a party favor.  But the best part of all were hundreds of volunteers lined up all wearing t-shirts that said THANK YOU on the front and cheering for each and every staff member as they walked the path at the Arboretum.

NOTE:  When your mom or dad is a police officer or a firefighter, you know that your parent is a hero -- and when it's time for career day at school, all the kids line up to meet your dad in his uniform.  But when your mom or dad is a CPS caseworker you don't hear much about their job because the details of what caseworkers witness is too gruesome to talk about with kids -- and it is all confidential.

So the cheer line was a fantastic way to show the CPS staff members and their very own families just how important mom or dad is to Dallas.

They're better than me and definitely better than Lindsay.

Check out these photos:
The Check-In Table was filled with our great CPD staff members!
Great caseworkers, friends and co-workers
We had walking sandwich boards for lots of photo opps for using our #CPD25 Hashtag and highlighting our great sponsors
This little guy doesn't have any idea what a great mom he has
Check out her Hero medal
I've known this guy ever since I started working at CPD -- more than 12 years ago
The kids loved dancing and singing to Signed, Sealed and Delivered
A grand time had by all

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