Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm Back in School

I'm doing something new.

I almost don't want to write about it because I'm afraid that somehow if I talk about it that the magic will be gone -- or at least people won't love it like I do and that will make me feel like it's not what I think it is and it will make me not be as excited about it as I am...

But, the above being said, I am going to talk about it because I really love it and I want you to know.

I signed up for Oprah's Life Course with Brene Brown about imperfection.  It's an online course and this is week one (of six), but I have already completed my 2 assignments for the week and I've been changed by it.  Here's the link  -- I bet you can still sign up:

I've already learned something about myself.

I have a hard time letting people help me.  I didn't even know it until I read this week's portion of the book.  I've always felt as though I was a good friend to have and that my friends can always count on me to help them, but I rarely let people help me.

Coming to my house for dinner?  Ask me what you can bring and my response will be "just bring yourself".  I drove myself to the emergency room a few weeks ago.  Texted my mom and my doctor that I was going, but didn't want to wake them up since I can handle everything.


My Aha Moment was when Brene explained this:

While I was always willing to help someone else with any needs they had, because I wasn't able to accept help that I was probably silently judging those friends that I helped knowing that if they were accepting my help, that they weren't as perfect as I was because (remember, people) I DON'T NEED ANY HELP.


Take the class.  More revelations to come (I hope).

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