Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top Toys for Christmas -- Help!

Well, it's Christmas time at Community Partners of Dallas and BOY, have we been blessed with lots of donors who have taken wishes for our kiddos.

This year we had more than 7,600 wishes turned in from the CPS caseworkers in Dallas County -- and that is 14% more than last year.  And even though there are 6 less days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, our donors (and our hard-working staff at CPD) have really stepped it up to make sure wishes get filled for the kids.

NOTE:  That whole 6 less days thing is really being felt by me in my own home decorating.  As someone who has always said that holiday decorating is what separates us from the animals (and yes, I know that my line is a take-off from Steel Magnolias -- they instead say "accessorizing" is what separates us), I have yet to have put out a single wooden Santa, light or bow.  I do have one dejected looking piece of garland only because my neighbor the Boy Scout orders it for me every year without fail.

But, that does not mean that we are out of the woods with the Toy Drive at CPD -- we still have wishes left if you want some, so call today 214-624-7557 -- but now I'm worrying about those kids who don't have a wish in our pile at all...

You see, we have a deadline for the caseworkers to turn in wishes to us back in October, so the kids who have come into care since then never had a wish out in the world.  And with Dallas County CPS working with more than 21,000 reports annually, you know that's a lot. 

So, if you are able, we'd really appreciate your help with our Last Stop Holiday Shop (that's what we call the undesignated toy drive).  Here are some of the most needed items -- our Top Toys for Christmas:
  • Baby Dolls -- all ethnicities needed
  • Push Toys
  • Infant items -- rattles, onesies, etc.
  • Gift Cards (to any store in increments of $25 each)
  • Bikes
  • All type of sports balls -- for all ages
  • Bath and body sets for both boys and girls
Of course, if you just want to donate funds, we'd love that too -- we have lots of volunteers who will do the shopping for you!  Mail your gift today to Community Partners of Dallas, 1215 Skiles St, Dallas, TX 75204 or if you want to donate online at just let us know by marking Toy Drive in the donation drop down menu and we'll be sure that your gift is designated appropriately.

NOTE:  The kids in our drive have been let down by adults over and over in their lives and so when they whisper a wish to their caseworker, they don't really expect it to come true.  And when it does come true, it shows that child that there are some people in the world that he can count on.

I'm counting on you.

Here I am with just a few of the wishes my mom filled this year.  They are sitting in my office until she comes by to inspect the choices I made...

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