Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Family Sucks

Or I guess I should say that dealing with family sometimes sucks, doesn't it?

My brother and I still argue over who Mom loves more (it used to be him, but now I am the favorite -- at least today...). 

I might have my mouth all set for Sunday lunch at Joe T Garcias, but no -- some family member has to be back to run errands and so we have to eat at Burger House.  Ugh.

First world problems, huh?

I also think back to when I was in middle school and my younger brother drove me absolutely crazy.  He thought it was hilarious to bug me and my friends at a slumber party, or to stand around looking stupid when a date came to pick me up in high school.

And don't even get me started on having to take him with me when my friends and I wanted to go to the Village or to a movie at NorthPark.  SOOOOO gross.

Yes, family can drive us bonkers -- but this week I was reminded of the alternative here at Community Partners of Dallas.

On Monday we had a CPS caseworker ask us for some help to provide a fun outing for some kids.  Eight kids.  Six brothers and 2 sisters.  One family.

These kids have been removed from an unsafe home and placed into foster care -- in four different foster homes.

So for just a bit of money we were able to give this family what they craved -- one another.  After being separated from one another for an extended period of time, they were all brought together by their caseworker for an afternoon of fun at Dave & Busters.  My mouth is smiling and my eyes are watering at the thought of them running to one another with shouts of joy.

I love my family.

P.S.  And God bless that caseworker, too. 


  1. great post!!! can definitely identify!

    1. Thank you, Katie! Can't we all? But as I always say -- I can complain about my brother, but if you say 1 word about him -- put up your dukes!