Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are you a procrastinator? The advice I needed to stop it and get going!

I am not normally much of a procrastinator.  I make my bed every day.  My clothes are hung up.  If I need to change a light bulb, I do it.  My work projects are usually done on time or early.
I must give the credit for this to my mom.  If you happen to mention that you could use a new pair of black flats, she is in your driveway to go to Nordstrom about 5 minutes later.  If you move (and I used to about every 2 years – I flipped houses for about 15 years) mom will not only come over and buy the movers lunch, she will not let you go to bed with any closed boxes (I got pretty good at hiding a few as the clock approached midnight…).
You may have noticed the word normally in my first sentence today.  Since I am home recovering from my surgery, this has changed.
I brought home one big-ish project to complete for CPD.  I have felt well enough to do it for about a week, but instead I look at the project each morning and go back in the den and turn on the TV – hey, there are Hoarders and Interventions to watch, people – or open my book for book club (Cleopatra) and before I know it another day goes by.
Yesterday morning I was talking to one of my very wise friends on the phone and we were talking about my surgery, God, social media, the future of the world -- you know, just some light topics for comic fodder.  We were about to hang up and Dave asked me if I had anything else going on, so I explained the dreaded project and how I wasn’t doing it.  Dave said, “Well, I always say that if you want something done, give it to someone who’s busy.”
So, thanks, Dave.  The project is done, along with some extra stuff.  Now <yawn> back to Million Dollar Decorators and then a nap.

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