Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Today Show and Blasts from the Past

I always watch The Today Show while I am getting dressed in the morning.  I have been watching for 22 years and I really do feel connected to the people on that show.  And it is not because CPD is a recepient of their foundation's Holiday Toy Drive, but I do love them for that, of course.  I feel connected to them because I see them every morning and they give me information that I can use -- although not nearly enough MAVS info.  I have to rely on our local NBC gang for that.

Meredith Vieira said good-bye to The Today Show this morning.  She's only been there 5-ish years, but she had a great run and I know that she will be missed.  I am happy to have Ann Curry take her spot, though.

Anyway, Meredith's departure got me thinking of the jobs that I have left and what I remember most about them.  You would think that it would be the work itself -- the actual work of the day.  I do remember some of that:  at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra I remember designing the invitations for the big donor events, the tag lines, even doing flower arrangements for small donor dinners.  When I lived in Washington, D.C. and worked for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, I remember signing correspondence with the auto-pen, going on a trip or two, and even visiting the White House for the staff Christmas party.

But what I remember most about those jobs were the people with whom I worked, especially my bosses.  I have had some really great bosses in my time (a couple of crappy ones too, but that is for another blog post).  Noreen Burns and Graham Gillette both supervised me at different times in Washington -- one under William Bennett and the other under Bob Martinez.  Both Graham and Noreen promoted me and really were the first bosses I ever had who saw my potential and encouraged me.  Their doors were always open and they pushed me to take on more responsibility.  The first time I got to do a press event with First Lady Barbara Bush was because Graham said I was good enough to take his place.  I'll never forget the day that Noreen sent me in to Bennett's office in her stead to go over schedule for the day with Bennett and his senior staff.  My boss at the DSO was Joyce Cleary and she was the kindest person I have ever known.  She helped me to organize my work with task lists (I still use them, Joyce!) and really pushed me to learn new things and started me in development -- something I never thought I could do -- you know the "Oh, I could NEVER ask people for money" -- well, I did and actually liked it.

So, I guess the takeaway this morning is to thank your bosses, co-workers, and past employers.  You wouldn't be the person you are today without them.


  1. Paige, you are the best. Don't misunderstand me, my saying so is not a throwaway line said in an awkward moment when a thank you doesn't seem adequate. I knew the first time we met you were capable and, more important, that you "got it." I could not have described what made us connect back in the day or what getting it meant. We were both too young to understand, I suppose. I have a little grey hair now and with it an unrestrained appreciation for the rare person who places other people first. I did not have words for it then, but somewhere deep inside I knew what I saw in your sparkling eyes, you were a person destined to make a difference. I’ll tell you a secret – it feels good knowing you were right about something like that.

    I did not give you anything you did not already possess, but I know for a fact you make be better. The thanks are mine to give. And, though we have not seen each other for years, you still got it, friend, and you are the best.


  2. I feel the same way about you, GG -- just can't say it as eloquently! Xxoo