Wednesday, April 27, 2011

School Lunch

Is there anything better than lunch with friends?

I attend a lot of lunches:  charity events, meetings, programs with lunch after, lunches to thank someone for doing something, and more – but my favorite kind of lunch is about 8 girls sitting around a table, preferably at someone’s home, just shooting the breeze and laughing.

I think that it takes me back to being in school where you’d get to eat lunch with your friends, then run back off to class.  It was a fun break in the day.  It still is for me.

But for abused and neglected kids, school lunch isn’t always such a fun time.  It is the time when they are ostracized, the time when they are bullied, the time when it is stuck right in their faces that they aren’t “normal”.  You see, when your parents treat you like dirt, you have trouble fitting in.  You might act out and get into fights with other kids, or you might just withdraw completely.  When your parents tell you that you’re worthless and dumb, you believe them – and you believe that others can see it too.

Community Partners of Dallas is gearing up for our Back-to-School Drive and we’d really appreciate your help.  When we can get a child out of a bad living situation, move him in with a relative,  and get him a new backpack full of new school supplies and a new uniform, well, all of sudden he is not the “weird kid”.  He just might find a friend or two to sit with at lunch.

And that might change his life.

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