Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tips on Keeping a Great Board Engaged

We had a fantastic board meeting today at CPD.  Our full board only meets four times a year, so when we meet as a group, we really try to pack a lot of action into the meeting. 

The board members at Community Partners of Dallas are great.  Some of them have been with us since before I started here (almost 10 years ago), some are serving in the first year of their first term, but the vast majority are somewhere in between.

I think that most of them (If not every single damn one of them!) would tell you that they like serving on our board.  Here are some reasons why:
  1. They were provided with the expectations of service prior to joining the board.  This means the time, talent, and treasure requirements.
  2. We start our board meetings on time and we end on time. 
  3. Every board meeting includes some special reminder of why CPD is here to serve the abused and neglected children of Dallas County.  When a board member hears a story of abuse and neglect directly from a CPS caseworker or sees a great video about reporting child abuse, we are able to remind them why they care.
  4. Our staff members really make sure that our board members have everything they need to be successful.  This means that if we are asking them to ask their friends to give to our next event, join our woman’s auxiliary group, etc., they have an email to forward or a letter to sign, stamps, addressed envelopes, even a pen waiting for pickup at the front desk or delivered to their home. 
  5. We try to make sure that our board members are thanked and recognized for everything they do for us.  We send personal thank you notes, recognize them at board meetings, etc.
  6. Service on our executive committee is considered a true above and beyond gift to the agency.  The board members chosen as officers by their peers know that they are truly needed and feel it is a privilege to serve in this capacity. 
  7. Each board member’s special talents are acknowledged and promoted in the best way to serve the agency – we want their advice and we make sure that they know it!

What makes you want to serve and/or keeps you serving on a non-profit board?

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